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  • adrian
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    HTML5 Boilerplate Link to this post


    Just wanted to let everyone know that Silverstripe can work really well with the HTML5 Boilerplate framework: http://html5boilerplate.com/

    I just used it to create this site: http://quintessentialcool.com which was recently added to the community showcase (thumb it if you like it!)

    I simply started with a completely empty theme, then modelled my Page.ss on the index.html from HTML5 Boilerplate. Put the boilerplate style sheet into the theme's CSS folder, put the javascript libraries into the theme's javascript folder and built it up from there. No forms.css, typography.css or layout.css (although I could have split the HTML5 Boilerplate stylesheet into those components, for some reason I prefer keeping everything in one file as long as I'm reasonably neat).

    I recommend this for anyone who really wants to feel like they're starting a Silverstripe project with a clean slate on which you can build a custom design.

    Oh, I also make use of the media "screen" attribute in the link tags in the HTML head to achieve a somewhat responsive design optimised for iphone. Again I found this was also easier to do when the site started from a clean slate.

    Let me know what you think.


  • SSadmin
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    Re: HTML5 Boilerplate Link to this post

    I have gone through the HTML5 Boilerplate CMS themes cannot spotted h5bp with silverstripe as a generic theme template.
    I would like to create a repo for that then push it through to bh5p wiki for reference as well .
    Let me know if anyone else interested.


  • ocean
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    Re: HTML5 Boilerplate Link to this post


    V.Nice site Adrian!

    Just discovering and exploring Boilerplate today as I'm looking for that "fresh start" approach too, thanks for sharing...

    Also, interested in the Build Script minification method they use... and trying to imagine how that might work with SS? did you explore that as part of your experiment Adrian?

    All the best
    ~ Sean

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