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  • pete_l
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    Getting away from straight lines Link to this post

    A friend has been asking me for a long time to create a website for her. A simple site would be easy, but she wants something that is more "friendly" than most websites appear. Specifically, she's asking for something fluid, curvy; rather than the lines, boxes and rectangles that are the basis of all the websites you ever see.
    So far I've looked at all the other main players but none of them seem to be able to deal with anything more than rounded edges on boxes - and even that's tricky on a lot of them.
    Does Silverstripe have the ability to get away from the rectangles and squares paradigm and make a theme that is more natural or "organic" (her word)?

    with thanks

  • Willr
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    Re: Getting away from straight lines Link to this post

    SilverStripe is simply your website backend, you can do anything you want to the front end to make a website 'wavy' (but there's a reason why the call the web browsers work on the 'box model'). Not sure any themes are available for wavy considering it's hard to make it generic enough to be used as a theme but that doesn't stop you making anything beautiful! If you need to spilt the content into smaller pieces to float them around, SilverStripe can handle that for sure.

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