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  • Tigridia30
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    Is this site only for people who actually know coding?! - HELP Link to this post

    Hello everyone,

    I am a novice. I have never built or edited a website before in my life - I know absolutely nothing about HTML, code etc.

    Is this site only for people who know about website designing? I came across a link to this site via my web hosting site.

    I am desperate to build a website for my very new Virtual Home Business where I do not need to try figuring out how to write codes etc. I would like to be able to find a nice theme that I can edit to suit my requirements - I like the free Paddy Green theme by laktek. I've downloaded it but I don't know what to do with it to get it into my /Theme directory. Can someone please help?

  • IOTI
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    Re: Is this site only for people who actually know coding?! - HELP Link to this post

    Hi Tigridia30,

    While SilverStripe is a very powerful and friendly CMS, when it comes to customizing it and adding new features a level of comfort with HTML, CSS, and PHP is required (in my opinion at least) you could probably get by making some small edits but you'll have to invest some time in the tutorial and docs before you can.

    If you're looking for something that you can setup easily and add new features with the click of a button, I'd recommend WordPress. If you want to challenge yourself though try SilverStripe out.

    As for using a different theme, make sure the Theme you downloaded is compatible with the version of SilverStripe your using. There were substantial changes from v2.X to v3.0. To use a custom theme drop the theme folder in your /themes directory, login to the CMS and go to the "settings" tab. From there you can select which theme you'd like to use on your site. If the theme came packaged in a .tar.gz you'll want to download winrar to extract the theme out of the .tar.gz file.

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