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  • yaizo
    Community Member
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    IE Error with stylesheet Link to this post

    hello all together,
    one problem solved the next apeared. now that my theme is working very well in firefox and safarie i have
    not the same result in IE7.
    i uploaded an ie7.css in css file and wrote in the file: ...themes/themexx/templates/page.ss .. the common if end if...
    <!--[if IE 7]>
       <style type="text/css">
        @import url(themes/themexx/css/ie7.css);

    now i get an error: parameter must be defined, xml ... etc is not working, when stylesheed is used....etc pp.
    how can i give the page the correct .css for the browser?

    thanks . .::::

  • woodb2
    Community Member
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    Re: IE Error with stylesheet Link to this post

    I recently had this same issue. At the time I was modifying the Page.ss template. I was trying to remove the SearchForm. When I deleted the line from the template, I started getting the same error as you in IE (Firefox worked just fine). Oddly I found that if I just commented this line out instead of deleting it, it worked.

    Since then I discovered that using a html and css validator is your best friend when dealing with these kinds of issues. The web developer extension to Firefox has a validator, but because of my company's firewall it can't see the website. I just do a view source and copy and paste it into the validator at www.w3c.org and it was finding all kinds of errors (improperly closed tags and comments, etc). Forgetting a ; at the end of a line can cause all kinds of problems for some browsers too. I can't recommend validating your html and css enough.

  • Nivanka
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    Re: IE Error with stylesheet Link to this post

    did you guys tried with flushing the site (?flush=1) ??

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