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  • papilindo
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    Control Blocks and special classes Link to this post

    Hey hows it going guys? I just started using silverstripe its pretty nice I like it. I am trying to use a control block for my nav in the header but I want the first and last items in the nav to have special css classes/styling can this be done and some tips would be much appreciated .Thank you in advance.

    Just found out about using < % If first %> but it duplicates the first element !!!!

    Ok so I think I solved my own problem

             <% control Menu(1) %>
                <% if first %>
                <li class="wider "><span>&#8195;</span><a href="#">$MenuTitle</a></li>
                <% else_if last %>
                <li class="wider no_background"><span>&#8195;</span><a href="#">$MenuTitle</a></li>
                <% else %>
                <li><span>&#8195;</span><a href="#">$MenuTitle</a></li>      
                <% end_if %>
             <% end_control %>

    I ended up using ifs and else ifs and it stopped the duplicating

    Plz do not mark this as spam I am sure this will help a fellow beginner

  • Nivanka
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    Re: Control Blocks and special classes Link to this post

    this is the way you have to do it, thanks for posting the hack.

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