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  • webrev
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    Creativis: Missing Main Menu Link to this post

    So, has anyone ever had this happen? I've installed Creativis and it looks great but as I log into Admin section, there is no Main Menu. The 'Site Content' page is there and I can work in it, but the tab is not there, nor are the other tabs (Files & Images, Comments, Reports, Security, Help). The other odd thing is that on the 'Site Content' page that I can see, the items in the columns are centered instead of left justified. Other than this, the site works great, but I can't do much with it if I can't get to those other tabs. Any ideas?

  • webrev
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    Re: Creativis: Missing Main Menu Link to this post

    Here's a workaround for getting to those "invisible" admin menu items. I still have not figured out why I can't see it, but they are still there and I can get to them as long as I am logged in at the main admin screen. I simply use the direct links. Here they are in case you should ever need them...







  • rinaldo
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    Re: Creativis: Missing Main Menu Link to this post


    I have had the same problem as you and I found out what the problem is. Registered here to post the solution.

    The thing is:

    In /creativis/css/typography.css you see this section (topsection):

    @charset "utf-8";
    body {
       margin-left: 0px;
       margin-top: 50px;
       margin-right: 0px;
       margin-bottom: 50px;
       background-color: #F5FC7F;

    Change "margin-top: 50px;" to "margin-top: 0px;"

    That's it. The navigationbar in the backend was pushed down to the back of the other "windows". It was there, but almost invisible and unusable (because you couldnt click on the tabs). With margin-top of 0, it is visible again.

    The main page however isn't pushed down anymore, but that can be easily fixed with a spacer.

    Furthermore: the creator of Creativis uses white text on a white background in the backend. Also not handy, but simpler to fix (make the text another color instead of white).

    Goes to wonder: did the creator check the backend when designing Creativis?

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