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  • quamsta
    Community Member
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    Error saving sort order in 2.4.3 Link to this post

    Hi I run and manage about 15 sites in SilverStripe and I've noticed a pretty glaring error that occurs occasionally in the newest release. On two of the sites, our content managers were having trouble reordering pages/data objects in SilverStripe. When they'd reorder the pages, they'd get an "error saving sort order" flash at the bottom.

    I investigated the issue and the ajax response header is just a 400 bad request error. If I put ?isDev=1 at the end of the URL, I was able to reorder the pages just fine, this leaves me to believe that something is up with the session data/admin rights?

    Rolling back to 2.4.2 also solved the issue for one of the sites.

  • MarijnKampf
    Community Member
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    Re: Error saving sort order in 2.4.3 Link to this post

    Hi Quamsta, do you by any change use default sorts for some of your page types?

    I've got the following custom sort defined in my _config.php
    Expert::$default_sort = 'MetaKeywords';

    After upgrading to version 2.4.3 I can re-order regular pages (that is non Expert pages) in the CMS but after saving they revert back to the default sort of the Expert page.

    I've opened a bug ticket, please let me know if you experience the same so it can be added to the ticket.

  • Blackdog
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    Re: Error saving sort order in 2.4.3 Link to this post

    I am now getting this error in a number of 2.4.4 sites.

    Does anyone have a solid fix for this rather than throwing the site into Dev mode?

  • Drömbolaget
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    Re: Error saving sort order in 2.4.3 Link to this post

    Have had this problem in 2.4.0 and it's still present in 2.4.5. Two ways to get rid of the problem:
    1. Set your site to dev mode (seems bad).
    2. Set combined files to false. (this is done automatically in dev mode...)

    Why combining of files would generate this problem server side is beyond me. Everything else in Admin and on the site works with combined files set to true, only sorting sitetree in admin fails.

    The error is not very helpful either, it's just HTTP error code 400 with Bad Request in response.

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