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Upgrading SilverStripe

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  • Sue
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    System files? Custom Files? Link to this post

    I need to upgrade from 2.3.7 to the current version. The instructions at http://doc.silverstripe.org/sapphire/en/installation/upgrading state replace system files but leave custom files. It mentions only a couple of each. Can someone tell me what files are to be replaced and what to leave? I would appreciate an answer for the novice. I inherited a silverstripe website and am having problems with the documentation as it seems to have been written to someone who fully understands the program and the programming of it. So please give some help to a novice.


  • Willr
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    Re: System files? Custom Files? Link to this post

    Just like the docs say (but perhaps it is a little short!) you want to keep the folders your site is in - i.e your mysite folder, themes folder as well as your assets folder in tact so leave these folders alone. All the other ones will need to be upgraded to newer versions (usually). This includes folders such as 'sapphire', 'cms' and modules you may have like 'blog'.

    Upgrading from 2.3->2.4 you will run into compatibility issues with modules (and perhaps your own site code) so the first thing is to identify any modules you use on the site and find new versions of those accordingly.

    Once you have the latest copies of sapphire, cms and any modules you have used in a folder somewhere else, delete those folders from your site folder and copy the new copies into your site folder. Running a dev/build will upgrade all the database tables.

    This process will normally not be 100% smooth so you shouldn't upgrade a 'live' website. Make a copy of it on your computer and upgrade that and see what problems you run into.

    FYI Changes from 2.3 -> 2.4 are listed on http://doc.silverstripe.org/sapphire/en/changelogs/2.4.0#upgrading

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