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  • blueskies
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    Strange template include/loop order in SS3 Link to this post

    Okay, I have run into the following predicament and I'm not sure if this is a bug or intended behaviour, but it affects quite a bit of a project I'm upgrading.

    In a template I have the following code:

    <% if Results %>
    <table class="records items">
    <% loop Results %>
    LOOP: $Pos
    <% include ResultsTable %>

    <% end_loop %>
    <% end_if%>

    Which grabs the results from a search and plops them into a template. But the table part I reuse in other areas, so it is included. The table include looks like this:

    <% if First %>
       <tr class="heading">
          <th>INCLUDE $Pos</th>

          <% control ColHeadings %>
          <% end_control %>
    <% end_if %>

       <tr<% if Even %> class="zebra"<% end_if %>>
          <% control RowValues %>
          <% end_control %>

    All the code works except I'm getting an unintended result: Every time the include runs, the "if first" evaluates to true... every time. The previous (2.*) versions of Silverstripe would first include the resultstable and THEN loop over it, with the "if first" only being true one time. The new (3.0.3) version seems to include that template every time it loops, which sets the iterator back to one every time.

    Notice the $Pos vars in the templates: LOOP $Post evaluates to the correct number (LOOP 1, LOOP 2, LOOP 3, etc). But the INCLUDE $Pos is always 1.

    Is this a bug or intended behaviour? If it is intended, then how am I supposed to order the includes/loop in order to have "if first" evaluate true only once?

    Don't know if it's relevant, but the table is populated by the following code:

    $query = $context->getQuery($searchCriteria, $Sort, array('start'=>$start,'limit'=>$limit));
    $records = $context->getResults($searchCriteria, $Sort);
    if($records) {
    $records = new PaginatedList($records, $request);
    return $records;

  • blueskies
    Community Member
    42 Posts

    Re: Strange template include/loop order in SS3 Link to this post

    Please.... anybody?

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