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  • plagil
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    redirecting to /Security/login... Link to this post


    After i changed my existing gallery folder to a svn Version of gallery i ran /dev/build and got redirected to the login. So i copied back my old gallery folder and again ran /dev/build and got redirected again. Any ideas how this can be fixed ?

  • lancer
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    Re: redirecting to /Security/login... Link to this post

    What happens if you login?

    Also, what hostname were you using? If you were using localhost, SStripe should be in dev mode an allow you to run /dev/build. If not SStripe asks for your credentials.

    You can also force SStripe to go into dev mode by adding


    Type mysite/_config.php

  • marblegravy
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    Re: redirecting to /Security/login... Link to this post

    Thanks Lancer - that was all that was needed.

    I'm guessing with dev mode on it automatically allows dev/build to go ahead even if you aren't logged in?

    What myself and plagil were getting is an error that couldn;t be rendered because there was something that needed the dev/build to fix. But we couldn't do it because we weren't logged on. right?

  • tricomix
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    Re: redirecting to /Security/login... Link to this post


    I've had the very same problem. Couldn't login because that wouldn't work until dev/build had been run, but couln't run dev/build because I wasn't logged in. Then I found the "force dev mode" option somewhere. That's okay for development and testing, but what shall I do in a production environment? I don't want to go into development mode there, but I can't login to run dev/build. There must be a plan or at least a best practice for this.

    Is there any way to let silverstripe just generate but not execute the database update script and run it in phpMyAdmin manually? So I wouldn't need to run dev/build.

    Alternatively, is there any way to get a working login screen even if the database has not been updated yet? So I could run dev/build without using dev mode.

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