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  • widget_pubble [v0.1]


    Maintainer(s): debtfreeslave

    • This widget enables you to add the learnpipe software to your site pages





    • Released: 2012-08-21

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  • Google Weather Forecast [v0.1]


    Maintainer(s): StevenNhu


      Based on the Google Weather Forecast API, the widget shows the current weather condition and 4 days weather forecast.
      Through the CMS you can set the location, language, temperature scales (Fahrenheit or Celsius).


      Find visitor's location and show the current weather condition and forecast for their locations.
      Latest version on github at: https://github.com/nhudinhtuan/SilverStripe-Widget-GoogleWeather

    • Released: 2012-03-26

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  • Easy Map [v0.1]


    Maintainer(s): ayyurek

    • Google Maps widget, fully configurable from CMS, allowing to add maps to your web site without Google Maps API Key. It's based on jQuery gMap and using Google Maps JavaScript API V3. The javascript file is only 4kb and minified.


    • Released: 2012-02-15

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  • Blog Archive Menu Widget [v1.0]


    Maintainer(s): MarijnKampf

    • Blog Archive Menu Widget


      • Marijn Kampf (Nickname: marijnkampf)

        Alpha version

        Sponsored by Exadium Web Development http://www.exadium.com


      Based on the Archive Widget it shows blog entries by date with a menu look and feel. Through the CMS you can set for how many of the past years each month with a blog entry should be shown. For all older blog entries only the year is shown.


      When 'Another blog entry' is viewed, the following menu is shown:

      • January 2012
        • Latest blog entry
        • Another blog entry
        • A blog entry
      • December 2011
      •  November 2011
      • October 2011
      • September 2011
      • August 2011
      •  July 2011
      • June 2011
      • May 2011
      • April 2011
      • March 2011
      • February 2011
      • January
      • 2011
      • 2010
      • 2009
      • 2008

      In this case the latest blog entry is in January 2012 and 'Nr of years to show all months for' is set to 2.


      • SilverStripe Trunk
      • SilverStripe Blog

      Instalation and setup

      • Install in folder widget_blogarchivemenu in root of your silverstripe


      No confiugration options


      For archived years show submenu with months and then show blogentries if selected.

      Latest version on github at: https://github.com/marijnkampf/SilverStripe-Widget-BlogArchiveMenu

    • Released: 2012-01-26

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  • Language Chooser Widget [v0.3]


    Maintainer(s): simon_w

    • Allows you to select the language with which to browse the website.

      Has been updated to support SilverStripe 2.4.

      • Released: 2011-08-26

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    • Facebook Feed [v0.1]


      Maintainer(s): xeraa

      • Fetching your latest status messages from Facebook.

        You have a Facebook page and regularly post status messages and you'd like to reuse these messages on your SilverStripe website? This widget will simply copy these messages (you can define the number) for you and you don't need to do it manually.


        See https://github.com/xeraa/silverstripe-widget_facebookfeed for the latest code, installation instructions,...

      • Released: 2011-06-15

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