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  • jseth
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    Re: How to add widget on frontpage Link to this post

    Hi rotel,
    Thanks for your reply. I tried putting $SidebarWidgets in the SideBar.ss code as you recommended, but the rss widget does not appear on my page. When I place $SidebarWidgets in the Page.ss (/templates/Page.ss), directly under $Layout, the rss widget appears, in the sidebar, but underneath the sidebar menu, so it doesn't have the nice formatting of the sidebar menu, it's just plain links. If I remove $SidebarWidgets from the Page.ss code, it disappears. No matter where I place it in the SideBar.ss code, it doesn't make the widget appear. Looking at the layout.css, I see the #Sidebar section, but I don't know what I should modify in there.

  • CB
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    Re: How to add widget on frontpage Link to this post

    Hi roterl,

    I'm trying to use WidgetManager but the widgets does not show on front page I already try it with different themes, blackcandy, itheme, simplestripe, etc. Is there any problem with widget manager and SS 2.4.6 ?

    How can I debug this?


    ps. I'm not a real developer

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