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  • esakrielaart
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    Render form in widget called with renderWith() from Page class Link to this post

    Hi all,

    I hope the title says it all, but my problem is as follows. A page contains several different widgets, which I use for pagination, so one widgetblock should represent one page content. I currently read the correct item using

    // Inside Page.php
    $widget = $this->WidgetArea()->Widgets("Sort = {$page}")->first();

    Where $page is the page number (ie, 0, 1, ...)

    Now, I render this widget with the proper template using:

    // Inside same method in Page.php
    $content = $widget->renderWith(array($class, 'Widget'), array());
    return new ArrayData(array(
    'Response' => $content

    Where $class is the (verified) classname of the widget.

    So far so good, except that this will not render any forms on the template of the widget, as I think, because calling $WidgetForm (defined on WidgetClassName_Controller) is actually looking for a method WidgetForm() on Page.php. How can I tell SilverStripe to use WidgetClassName_Controller instead?

    Friendly regards,

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