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  • merrick_sd
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    Widgets on a Page Link to this post

    How can i tell if a Page has 'any' widgets?

    If a page has a widget the page will need a sidebar.


       public static $has_one = array(
       "MyWidgets" => "WidgetArea"      

    Layout >Page.ss

    <% if MyWidgets %>
    <!-- Widgets -->
    <!-- endWidgets -->
    <% else %>
    <!-- NO Widgets -->

    <% end_if %>

    On pages without widgets, no widgets show up as expected ...however the "if MyWidgets" isn't actually working! as the comment <!-- Widgets --> Always get rendered.

    maybe i need a fuction on Page.phpto do some kind of check.

    i want to do something like
    if widges show a menu <span class="span3"> ..etc

  • merrick_sd
    Community Member
    95 Posts

    Re: Widgets on a Page Link to this post

    Page_Controller ...
    //check if this page has widgets assigned to it!
       public function WidgetCheck() {
       $widgetid = $this->MyWidgetsID;
       $widgetdata = Widget::get()->filter(array('ParentID' => $widgetid));
          return $widgetdata;

    this works

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