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  • Azlein
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    Linking Dataobjects in Widget Link to this post


    I'm trying to link some DataObjects to a Widget. In my particular case, I have

       static $has_many = array(
          'Buttons' => 'SocialButton'

    in my Widget and

       static $has_one = array(

    in my DatabObject.

    I'm trying to do this with a GridField, but this fails:

    $fields = parent::getCMSFields();
          $gridField = GridField::create('Buttons', 'Some text', $this->Buttons(), new GridFieldConfig_RelationEditor());//new GridField("Buttons", "Buttons", $this->Buttons(), $gridFieldConfig);
          $fields->push($gridField); //This line causes a Internal Server Error

    So, my question is - is it allowed to use a GridField in a Widget? If yes, why is the $fields->push call creating the error? If not, are there any alternatives?

    Thanks in advance.

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