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  • Wellfire
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    WidgetAreaEditor not saving its instance ID on Page Type Link to this post

    Currently have extended the WidgetArea to appear on other pages. I get the WidgetAreaEditor showing up in the CMS correctly, and newly placed widgets get saved to the correct WidgetArea.

    However, the Page that contains this widget area (Sidebar) does not update with the correct WidgetArea ID (SidebarID) and instead remains with a value of 0. I've tried to force it using write, onBeforeWrite, and onAfterWrite, but I can't get it to work correctly. The closest I've gotten is to force every single Page to have the same widgetArea, which is not what I want or need.

    Any help on associating the new widgetArea and its ID with the containing Page would be greatly appreciated!

  • FungshuiElephant
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    Re: WidgetAreaEditor not saving its instance ID on Page Type Link to this post

    Not really sure I understand what you mean, better start off with some basics...

    What version of SS are you running?
    How have you extended the WidgetArea? Do you mean that you've modified a page to include a WidgetArea?
    Can you post a picture showing what you mean, with the associated code?

    I think that the WidgetAreaId will probably be the same for all pages of a given type. It will only be the widgets within it that change. So it may be that what you are experiencing is correct. What are you trying to do?

    More questions than answers so far!

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