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Wordpress Connector [v0.1-beta1]

Maintainer(s): ajshort
Supported by: Community

An external connector to link to and import pages and posts from an external Wordpress site.

Note: this module requires the external content module, and also requires the blog module if you wish to import blog posts. If you have the Queued Jobs module installed it can also use a queued importer.

This module is an external connector that allows you to link to and import pages and posts form an external Wordpress site. It provides two connectors, one for pages and one for posts.

This is especially useful if you are migrating from a Wordpress site to a SilverStripe site. The importer provides a several features and options, including:

  • Import any linked images/files from wordpress automatically to your local assets directory.
  • Import comments on blog posts to your local blog.
Module screenshot


  • Latest release

    Version: [v0.1-beta1]
    Date: 2011-02-05
    Compatible with: SilverStripe 2.4
    Download: No Download Available

    Git access:

  • Latest master build

    To get a preview of our next release, download the latest build of unstable git master branch here. Please be careful: this is more likely to contain bugs, especially on modules undergoing a lot of development.

    SHA hash: 9b10258496383e04521aff7036acb1dc53c833e5
    Build Date: 2012-12-11
    Download: silverstripe-wordpressconnector-master-HEAD.tar.gz

    Unstable Git access: https://github.com/ajshort/silverstripe-wordpressconnector.git


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