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ZendAMF for Silverstripe [vBeta]

Maintainer(s): Blaza
Supported by: Not supported

This module adds AMF (Action Message Format) feature to your Silverstripe site using Zend Framework, specifically ZendAMF. Than add new gateways from Silverstripe admin section and assign access level and functions that each gateway can hold.

File ssZendAMFmodule.tar.gz consists of two parts, front end and server side.


Flash.zip – is the minimum necesary code you need to implement into your Flash project. Use of the AS3 class is shown in simple example that implements the AMF communication on flash side. Based of this class creation of other calls and functions will depend on desired features of your Flash application.


ennzendamf.tar.gz – Implements entire Zend Framework with addition of Silverstripe interface in form of page. Add anywhere to your site one or many of the AMF gateways and set the functions that will be available. Setting the access of this gateway is the same as any other content page using the same interface.


To do list:

  • Adding basic set of services for Flash applications: log-in, log-out, authentication, signup form, list content pages, read content of any page based on provided ID and search functionality.

  • Extending this module with ability to communicate to existing XML sites.



Module screenshot


  • Latest release

    Version: [vBeta]
    Date: 2010-03-01
    Compatible with: SilverStripe 2.3
    Download: ssZendAMFmodule.tar.gz


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