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Why Upgrade to Silverstripe CMS 4

Why Upgrade to Silverstripe CMS 4

A decision making tool for Marketers and Executives

As an essential part of your website’s lifecycle, upgrading your content management system is a big decision. You want to make sure you are fully benefiting from a feature-rich, supported, and secure CMS. When you upgrade to Silverstripe CMS 4, you’re making a significant improvement to your team’s ability to create an outstanding digital experience for your users. Silverstripe CMS 4 is an intuitive, extensible CMS that is full of new features that make it faster, more secure, highly customisable, and easy-to-use for your content authors and developers. 

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New interface features & updates

We’ve done a lot of tidying up visually for the CMS interface. Ultimately, it's about keeping things simple, clean and easy to use. Think of it as spring cleaning.

New look and feel

The file management area has been completely overhauled. Built from the ground up with a new interface, to be intuitive and easy to use, yet highly productive, even with most demanding asset usage.

New files area

Create and group new content together to be released all at once. Complete with access controls, allowing several people to work together seamlessly on a single campaign.

Campaigns screenshot

With versioning, assets can be altered independently of the state of the pages they are used on—file security improved. Similar to pages, users can publish and unpublish assets

SS4 AssetVersioning

 The main sections of the CMS are now responsive. Reviewing and publishing content on different screen sizes is now simpler for content teams who aren’t at a desktop.

CMS as seen on a tablet and phone

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See what it will cost to get valuable, new features like content blocks.

New foundations for the CMS front-end technology

New foundations for the CMS front-end technology

SS4 ReactJSReactJS

Integrating ReactJS into the Silverstripe CMS frontend means one thing: It will be faster to edit content! We’re starting this with the new Files and Campaigns areas.

SS4 Bootstrap 4Bootstrap 4

Powering the CMS interface with Bootstrap 4 means simplicity and consistency. Contributors can use existing Bootstrap knowledge to improve the user experience.

SS4 TinyMCETinyMCE 4.x

TinyMCE 4 comes with better accessibility, powerful table editing, and a theme that’s much lighter on the eye.

Latest SilverStripe 4 news

Site of the Month: NUCU

Premium cookware brand, NUCU were seeking to create a new platform for their customers and retailers to find information and shop online. SilverStripe Professional Partner, Dynamic brought the project to life.


Latest improvements to the SilverStripe 4 upgrade experience

Since its release, many projects have been upgraded to SilverStripe 4. We’ve been listening to the community’s feedback and in response, have been busy refining the upgrader utility, filling gaps in our documentation, and patching related bugs.


Site of the Month: Häfele

When Häfele were seeking to build a new website to showcase their products, they turned to SilverStripe Professional Partner, Toast. Their new digital shopfront is a slick, multifunctional platform for consumers and designers.