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Experience Debt progress update

The Experience Debt initiative is an undertaking to address a number of improvements to the SilverStripe CMS user experience. As our Product Development Team progress through this work over the coming months, we’ll periodically update this post.

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The Experience Debt initiative is a project the SilverStripe Product Development Team have undertaken, focusing on improvements to the SilverStripe CMS user experience. ‘Experience debt’ refers to the experience provided through the CMS which is not intentional, or which is inadequate for its intended purpose. It’s the accumulation of the friction points that as a user, you may experience when performing common tasks in the CMS.

Although these improvements will be incremental, the project’s ultimate goal is to reduce the experience debt currently present in the SilverStripe CMS. You can read all about the initiative here, including our key focus areas and how we identified the specific issues we aim to resolve. 

We’ll be working through these issues over the coming months and we’d like to keep you up to date as we progress. As we tick each issue off, we’ll update this post with an overview of the work and a link to the Github issue. We’ll also share updates in the SilverStripe Slack community workspace in #news-and-updates, on Twitter, and in Github. 

Experience Debt updates

Adding anchor links to a page

Update: 16 October 2019

Anchor links have been a feature sorely missed in SilverStripe 4. It's taken some time, but we're very happy to share that creating anchors is now available as default behaviour.

Link to Github issue: #2268

Adjusting the order of actions in the block options dropdown

Update: 16 October 2019

Some issues may seem relatively minor when they stand alone, but the experience debt initiative is about creating a better overall CMS user experience. Previously, the options presented for content blocks were not in priority order, which we’ve now resolved. 

Link to Github issue: #707

Removing broken radio tick icon from selected item in Files UI

Update: 16 October 2019

We’ve removed a broken radio tick icon. Another relatively minor issue, but one that likely perturbed users with an acute attention to detail.  

Link to Github issue: #834

SiteTree colours are more accessible

Update: 16 October 2019

To improve CMS accessibility and in line with Web Accessibility Guidelines 2.1, we’ve slightly adjusted the background colour of the CMS user interface and colours in the site tree.

Link to Github issue: #2360

Preventing the accidental deletion of your homepage

Update: 8 October 2019

Your homepage is like the front door to your house. If it disappears, entering the house (or your website) becomes problematic. We’ve added extra measures to reduce the likelihood of accidentally deleting or moving your homepage, or changing its URL.

Link to Github issue: #2154 

When archiving a block, it needs to be unpublished first

Update: 8 October 2019

When archiving content on your website, you expect the content to be unpublished first. This was an existing flow when archiving pages in SilverStripe CMS, and now it also applies to content blocks.

Link to Github issue: #678

Have you got feedback on SilverStripe CMS?

We’ll be periodically updating this post as we resolve issues that are part of the Experience Debt initiative. In the meantime, if you’ve got feedback on SilverStripe CMS, we’d love to hear from you. Head to our feedback form and tell us about your experience.

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