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Get your hands on a new Framework: 3.3.0 beta released!

The next version of SilverStripe CMS and Framework is ready just in time for Christmas!


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SilverStripe 3.3.0-beta1 is now available

The next version of SilverStripe CMS and Framework is ready just in time for Christmas!

Version 3.3.0 delivers an overall improved API surface, new user interface enhancements, and better security overall. In line with our commitment to semantic versioning, this version is fully backwards compatible with sites upgrading from 3.2. In addition, this version includes any new features that couldn't be released in 3.2.

For full details of what has been changed, please view the 3.3.0-beta1 release notes.

What's new?

Improved stage security

A new standard security model for versioned dataobjects has been developed in order to provide the same level of access control, which was until now only specific to page dataobjects. In order to make working with non-page versioned objects safer and easier, all versioned dataobjects will be "secure in draft" out of the box when attached to the Versioned dataobject.

Secondly, we've applied security to the ?stage querystring parameter, so that now only authenticated users are allowed to request access to a site's draft mode. In 3.2 and below, there are still security features in place to prevent draft content leaking to the public stage, but the new approach is a lot more robust and provides additional security on top of what already existed.

For more information on this issue, please see the security release notification on this risk.

Updated interface and experience

We’ve made some pretty major changes in 3.3 based on user feedback collected over 2014 and 2015, which we think you’ll like. Through these updates we aim to continually improve the clarity of everyday tasks made by CMS users, improving how people work so they can achieve their objectives with the least amount of effort. Here are some of the changes made in this release.

 CMS 33

Updated action styles and tabs

The new design for interface actions and tabs brings a more contemporary look to the CMS, as well as improving the visual hierarchy of these areas. By reducing the importance of certain elements, users can focus on what matters most, while also being able to single out the primary action and not be overwhelmed by options.

Replaced filter panel with a clearly defined search area

The filter panel used to search for pages and files has been replaced with a new, much more intuitive search icon. The search form is now also available when editing pages, so you can search for pages with less effort. We have some further improvements planned for the actual search panel in future releases of the CMS, so watch this space.

Improved breadcrumb navigation and clearer division of views

By separating the site tree from individual pages view, we can improve the emphasis of the page name and improve the position of the breadcrumbs as a navigation aid.

Consistency of actions available to the site tree

Bulk actions (previously multi-selection) were not available while editing a page, which often leads to them being ignored. In 3.3, users can efficiently apply actions (publish, archive, etc) to multiple pages while editing another page.

Updated colour scheme

Gone are the mismatched colours of the different panels in the CMS. We now have a much smoother colour separation between different panels, so the user can focus on what’s important. In the future you can expect to see this pattern continuing as we work towards making the interface clearer with lighter backgrounds, less visual weight and more contrast between elements.

New notifications

3.3 introduces a new style of notifications for different scenarios.Notification Images


Installing the update

To get a fresh copy of the beta to test out, you can create a new project with the following composer command.

composer create-project silverstripe/installer /path/to/project 3.3.0-beta1

Or head over to the pre-release downloads to grab the files via zip or tar.

Watch the SilverStripe 3.3.0 Demo below!

About the author
Damian Mooyman

Damian is a developer who has been stuck into SilverStripe for a few years, and a part of the company for a while too. He’ll be around on github under the handle @tractorcow if you need him.

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  • PHP 7 support will come with SS 4.0, which will be around October this year.

    Posted by John Able, 14/01/2016 8:32am (7 years ago)

  • Please prepare SILVERSTRIPE for PHP7. Thanks!

    Posted by guci0, 29/12/2015 10:42pm (7 years ago)

  • Nice one, good work guys. Is it PHP 7 compatible?

    Posted by Mat, 23/12/2015 3:56pm (7 years ago)

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