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Google Summer of Code 2012 Project Ideas

UPDATE: SilverStripe has been accepted.

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by Sigurd Magnusson

Posted 9 March 2012

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GSOC 2012

UPDATE: SilverStripe has been accepted. Students interested should read our project ideas below, and begin discussing with us about their project ideas ahead of the 6 April student application deadline. (Read why we are asking students to make their project submissions public.)

In 2012, with the release of SilverStripe 3.0, we are applying to be part of Google Summer of Code, just as we did back in 2007 when we released SilverStripe v2.0. Should we be successful in our application, this page provides information for students on projects they can work with us on.

What is Google Summer of Code?

Google Summer of Code (GSOC) is an annual, global, program where university students work on open source projects. Students write code, receive a stipend, learn a lot, and have lots of fun. Open source projects like SilverStripe get wonderful new features (see the impressive results from our previous experience), and overall, interest in programming, the web, open source, are boosted. Read more at the GSOC 2012 website.

I love it. How can I join up?

If you're a university student, there's a detailed GSOC FAQ to read over. By March 17, Google will announce whether SilverStripe is part of this year's program and students can begin discussing ideas for projects with us. We have listed some project ideas below but are also very open to great ideas from students. Applications must be in by April 6 (19:00 UTC).

Project ideas

SilverStripe LogoWe used a public wiki to enable people to come up project ideas publicly. Full details for each project are found there. A summary of the ideas we started off with are:

  • Accessibility improvements for the CMS
  • Improve module and widgets pages
  • Help port SilverStripe 2.x modules to SilverStripe 3
  • Improve Facebook Integration
  • Developer Toolbar and Improved Framework Logging
  • Improve Behaviour Testing Framework and Test Suite
  • Improve installation and upgrade process
  • Create Content Personalisation and Targeting module
  • Improve geospatial capabilities
  • Improve Dynamic Templates module

Students are encouraged to discuss with us how to refine these or create new project ideas between March 17 and April 6. (We'll publish a blog post on how to work with us.)

Preliminary Mentors

A mixture of SilverStripe staff and community members will act as mentors for the students:

Ingo Schommer, Development Manager, SilverStripe.

Mark Stephens, Development Manager, SilverStripe.

Rainer Spittel, Head of Development, SilverStripe.

Hamish Friendlander (Backup mentor), Chief Technical Officer, SilverStripe.

Nivanka Fonseka, Software Engineer, SilverStripe community member.

Frank Mullenger, Web developer, SilverStripe community member.

SilverStripe LogoFor further information on SilverStripe's application for Google Summer of Code, please feel free to contact me at