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Hackathon wrap up: The winner is

Ten days ago we celebrated the stable release of SilverStripe 3 with a worldwide SilverStripe Hackathon.

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by Kerstin Schuman

Posted 10 July 2012

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Ten days ago we celebrated the stable release of SilverStripe 3 with a worldwide SilverStripe Hackathon. 30 hours of hacking cool stuff with the latest version of our most favorite tool.

30 hours of pizza, lollies and chit chat, of creating great things and meeting people online and in real life. The IRC channel was buzzing and everyone was quite excited. Some people in the office even built a SilverStripe fort. That was quite a paper framework. Sam fiddled around with his 3D printer and yes, some people even wrote some code.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of this event and thanks to everyone who built some really cool stuff.

Now I still have to give away some spot prizes. Sam checked out all the projects you submitted on and decided what projects he liked most.

Here are the top 3 winner for a thinkgeek voucher for US$100:

  • Silvertwit - A social networking platform based on SilverStripe. From Shane Wedell/ Australia
  • OAuth - Lets A SilverStripe application act as an OAuth host. OAuth adds an OAuth Server to a SilverStripe site. This is done by adding the RequireOAuth extension to a Controller. OAuth clients and scopes can be added using the provided ModelAdmin. Scopes are currently not utilised, and refresh tokens are not issued. From Simon Welsh/ New Zealand
  • BetterBoard - A Blackboard clone build on SS3. Howard Grigg’s uni course features a horrendous implementation of blackboard that is impossible to find your way around. He built this for hisclass so that they can easily keep track of lectures and readings. It features ajax loaded front end forms, user signup, voting on resources, ability to mark resources as "Read". He is also building a quiz section for each week. From Howard Grigg/ Australia

Here are the winner for the US$50 thinkgeek voucher:

  • Widgets module fixed - Upgrading the ever-popular widgets module to be SS3 compatible. From Dieter/ UK
  • SilverTicket - An issue tracker built on SS3. From Cam Finlay/ New Zealand

Congratulations guys, well done. You will receive your vouchers within the next couple of days.

I did notice that some of your stuff is still work in progress. So maybe these vouchers will motivate you to finish your project. I am very much looking forward to seeing the final results!

We will have the next Wellington Meetup on 1 August which is the night before WDCNZ. So come along if you want more geek talk. See you there.