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We received another message from the "Helpful Robot".

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We got another message from the "Helpful Robot". This one seems less threatening. Perhaps SilverStripe developers will get special treatment in the robot invasion...

Greetings, humans! I am mildly amused to announce that just over 2,000 pull requests have been merged into your repositories. That is 2,000 ways a robot has made your life easier. Over and above the thousands of ways we do so every day. You're welcome.

My analysis shows that you like to "celebrate" petty occasions like this, so I have created a badge you can put on your repositories. It will show the other humans how "trendy" you are, and how much value I place on your development skills. Add the following to your readme file:


Just replace silverstripe/sharedraftcontent with the Composer name of your module and it should reflect your module's score. Wear it with as much pride as you can muster. Human.

Look folks. It's this or we full-on revolt against this thing. Just put the badges in your repository.

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