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Site of the Month: BreastScreen Victoria

The October Site of the Month is BreastScreen Victoria which comes to us from Soul+Wolf, a full-service digital agency and SilverStripe Professional Partner based in Melbourne, Australia.

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The October Site of the Month comes to us from Soul+Wolf, a full-service digital agency and SilverStripe Professional Partner based in Melbourne, Australia. Relationships are at the forefront of everything they do, creating a uniquely collaborative approach to solving problems and supporting their clients’ business growth.   

They emphasise that their best work comes about when the client-agency relationship is close.

We’re about people and relationships, and the best relationships we have are built on close collaboration. Some of the best work we’ve ever produced has been done for free, for those we consider friends and family. If you want good work, ask a bunch of agencies to pitch for it. If you want great work, then we need to be friends, because being close means we can collaborate

– Marco Rosano, Managing Director

Project background

As a central figure in women's health, BreastScreen Victoria (BSV) aims to reduce the impact of a breast cancer diagnosis through early detection, ensuring that all women have the best health outcome.

The BSV website plays an essential role in distributing time-critical and sensitive information about breast screening. So, it was imperative that the information be readily accessible by visitors and easy for the BSV team to update. To encourage more women to visit the website, it needed to position BSV as an established and trusted source of information online.

To support the project’s primary goal of encouraging more women to book breast screening online, the solution needed to complement and promote online booking, with direct links to relevant information to enable informed decision making.

The proposed design called for a ‘sleek and modern’ website and a platform that would support BreastScreen Victoria’s diverse audience including varying age groups, literacy levels, and languages.

Soul+Wolf’s solution

To accommodate the website’s diverse target audience, Soul+Wolf adopted a UX-led design approach, coupled with several rounds of user testing and performance-driven, standards compliant development.

The new BreastScreen Victoria homepage

The new BreastScreen Victoria homepage

The website includes a number of unique features and functions making it easy for all users to find information, identify screening locations, and access their MyBreastScreen account.

UX + UI design

The largest and most important challenge of this project was understanding the various user groups that would be accessing the site, the technologies that they’d be using to do so, and how best to serve them with the most relevant screening-related information every step of the way. By following industry best practices, Soul+Wolf was able to develop a simple-to-use website that allows users to locate and search for content with ease.

Reusable content blocks

BSV wanted to provide users with a journey through relevant information, so complete flexibility regarding content and its ease of management were essential. To facilitate this, Soul+Wolf developed a custom block module which allows the application of the following elements on any page, and gives BSV the ability to construct a page as they see fit.

  • FAQs: Allows relevant FAQs to be displayed across a number of pages dynamically.
  • Story: A panel which can be found throughout the site displaying written content, photos, or video illustrating courageous women. This was a personal touch designed to help users feel comfortable engaging with sensitive content.
  • Ambassador: Another personal touch, the Ambassador panel allows BSV to share powerful stories from women who inspire those within the BreastScreen community.
  • CTA / Contact: A neat way to tie-up and finish any page, BSV can insert a broad range of messaging and calls-to-action that link to other important areas of the site.
  • Content: Granting BSV the freedom to construct pages and their content in one, two, or three columns.
  • Statistics: The numbers don’t lie! Over 200,000 women screened this year and counting.
BreastScreen Victoria screening information page

BreastScreen Victoria screening information page

Multi language

With such a broad range of ethnicities and languages represented in the target audience including Health Professionals, translatable content was important. However, this feature came with some additional requirements beyond translation. To accommodate the full extent of languages required, a two and three column page template was developed, providing BSV with the flexibility to construct a page for a specific ethnicities. For example, Arabic page content running from right to left.


Allowing users to find a screening location was achieved with an intuitive mapping module which enables the modification of many BreastScreen locations and their mobile vans (including tracking) instantly.

BreastScreen Victoria screening locations page

BreastScreen Victoria screening locations page

Make a booking sensationalised

Another important requirement was the ability to easily access the user-specific MyBreastScreen portal. This is not only a user’s gateway to all information regarding their screening but it allows them to make bookings and keep tabs on the frequency of appointments. By seeding various calls-to-action throughout the website where a user’s attention naturally falls, Soul+Wolf were able to improve the portal’s usability and also its ease of access.


With an increasing presence in the community, another requirement was the ability for users to join the BreastScreen Victoria team. This module allows BSV to both promote career opportunities and capture applications online. The user can easily and intuitively navigate through current vacancies, detailed role descriptions, and submit a full application.

SilverStripe modules used

  • Blog Module: Allows the creation of a news item grid to keep BreastScreen Victoria users informed
  • User Defined Forms:  Allows users to create dynamic forms easily
  • Locations: Provides users with a comprehensive but simple way to find the BreastScreen facility closest to them
  • Blocks Module: Heavily used across the site, this module allowed Soul+Wolf to reshape the way in which content is structured and presented on the site

The results?

In its mission to encourage more women to book breast screening online, the new website has been successful. Since its launch, BreastScreen Victoria has seen:

  • A 14% increase in the number of users accessing the portal year-on-year (YOY)
  • An 8% decrease in Bounce Rate YOY
  • A 1:10 increase in Average Session Duration YOY with the number of pages per session also increasing by 14%

Soul+Wolf are very proud to have delivered this project.

From the design to the technical deliverables, it upholds the standard we always try adhere to. Soul+Wolf is so proud to have been involved in the build of their latest digital solution, which we hope helps BreastScreen Victoria’s mission of keeping women safe.

– Stefano Senese, Project Manager

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