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One step ahead with SilverStripe-Vision6 module

Introducing an innovative module developed by Stead Lane, aimed to simplify the subscription process in Vision6.

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Last week Stead Lane introduced you to SilverStripe-CloudFlare, the module that helps content authors increase their efficiency using SilverStripe CMS. Today, we guide you through another innovative module that we have developed: SilverStripe-Vision6, aimed to simplify the subscription process in Vision6.

Vision6 in Australia

Vision6 is email and SMS marketing software designed specifically for marketers and agencies. Its key features include:

  • Simple segmentation
  • Detailed campaign results
  • Automated response and delivery options
  • Integration with hundreds of other web apps
  • Synchronise email with social platforms
  • Over 70 professionally designed, responsive templates


Vision6 is a Queensland Government Information Technology and Communications (GITC) approved supplier. It is widely used within Australian Government departments with data sovereignty in Australia and other countries. Vision6 has strengthened security that ensures personal data and contact details are safely stored and stay within Australia.


The module eliminates a step in the email subscription process in Vision6, making it quicker and simpler.

Previously, when a website visitor subscribed to a mailing list, they would be sent to an external page and then started filling out a subscription form. Now, with SilverStripe-Vision6 installed in the site, visitors can complete the form on the same page.


The form is easily installed using a shortcode within the CMS on any given page. It is to be installed via composer and only needs to be installed once:

[vision6_list, list_id=<<YOUR LIST ID>>]

Note: Change <<<YOUR LIST ID>>> to the ID of the form you want to display. See Finding my List ID.

Template Syntax

Within a SilverStripe template you can invoke a list in a similar way you would for the shortcode:

$Vision6List(<<<YOUR LIST ID>>>);

Note: Change <<<YOUR LIST ID>>> to the ID of the form you want to display. See Finding my List ID.

How content editors use it

Once installed, the module allows content editors to place subscription forms anywhere on the site without the need to understand the code. They don’t even have to copy it, either.

vision6 form

Improving the module

The team at Stead Lane wrote and built the module with SilverStripe and PHP for Vision6, then shared the development with the open-source community for anyone to access on GitHub.

Feedback from the community has been very positive. If you want to contribute to improving this module, please submit a pull request. Of course if you happen to find any bugs, open an issue in the tracker so that we can continue to make the module better and better.

About the author
Adam Stead

Adam Stead is the co-founder and director of Gold Coast digital agency, Stead Lane. As previous vice president of the Web Industry Professionals Association (WIPA) and with over 17 years in the web industry, Adam’s knowledge and experience is a core asset to Stead Lane. In 2008, Adam made the key decision to partner with SilverStripe and has since deployed over 250 SilverStripe CMS websites.

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