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Seamless integration of AngularJS & SilverStripe

In this guest blog post, Zaid Al-Dabbagh shows you how to integrate the two great technologies: AngularJS and SilverStripe.

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A bit of context

Greater Wellington Regional Council oversees flood protection, land management, provision of regional parks, planning and funding of public transport; and one of the services they offered was data aggregation of environmental monitoring stations around the country—served through the Environmental Monitoring app also known as Envmon.

Envmon was originally developed with SilverStripe, and as part of the upgrade process that the project was undergoing, a number of components including the graphing library (Highcharts - were introduced to replace the previous generated bitmaps. In addition, monitoring of site filtering was integrated with Google Maps.

As the initial proof of concept, more and more features, naturally, started evolving.  Then it got out of control as our initially light script got more and more complex … So after a few months down the track, we decided to have a code freeze and to refactor everything and ideally use a framework.

Choosing the right framework

To make the choice, I considered the following: see what’s trending, read comparison and reviews between popular frameworks, and see if there are already team capabilities, etc.

So the objectives for the project were to: build on a solid framework that would easily be scaled up, easily understood and maintained by future developers, super-lean yet super-fast to process heavy data requests; and last but not least, easily integrate with SilverStripe. Following a bit of R&D, it was easy to decide on AngularJS.

Things to note about our setup

We were using: Windows Server 2008, SilverStripe 3.1, Angular 1.5, RequireJS for module loading, Bower for front-end dependency management, Highcharts plugin, Google Maps and lastly we integrated with data aggregation service (Hilltop), which aggregated monitoring data and served it via restful service.

Demo Site

For those wanting to experiment with AngularJS and SilverStripe, we have set up a very basic demo site that integrates the two great technologies. Check out the repo—references to files in the repo will be made throughout the blog.


~ / themes / simple / …
The following theme setup looks something like this:

-- bower_components
-- css
-- Images
-- javascript
-- Templates
-- webfonts

App JS structure

~ / themes / simple / javascript /  ...

-- app
  -- app.js
  -- controllers.js
  -- directives.js
  -- filters.js
  -- lib.js
  -- models.js
  -- services.js
-- common.js
-- script.js

Configure RequireJS

~ / themes / simple / javascript / common.js

baseUrl: '/themes/simple/javascript/app',
paths: {

// Angular App
app: 'app',
appServices: 'services',
appControllers: 'controllers',
appModels: 'models',
appDirectives: 'directives',
appFilters: 'filters',

// Bower components
angular: '/themes/simple/bower_components/angular/angular',
angularResource: '/themes/simple/bower_components/angular-resource/angular-resource.min',
             jquery: '/themes/simple/bower_components/jquery/dist/jquery.min'
shim: {
      app: {
         deps: ['angular', 'appServices', 'appControllers', 'appModels', 'appDirectives', 'appFilters']
angular: {
exports: 'angular'
angularResource: {
      deps: ['angular']

require(['app'], function() {
angular.bootstrap(document, ['app']);

Load App

~ / themes / simple / templates / Layout /

<script src="/$ThemeDir/bower_components/requirejs/require.js"></script>
   requirejs(['$ThemeDir/javascript/common.js'], function (common) { 

Fetch data internally

~ / themes / simple / javascript / app / services.js

define ('appServices', ['angular'], function(angular) {
           var appServices = angular.module('', []);
           appServices.factory('AJAXService', function($http) {
                   return {
                      getLocalData: function() {
                              return $http.get('home/getTestData').then(function(result) {

Fetch data from restful service

~ / themes / simple / javascript / app / services.js

define('appServices', ['angular'], function(angular) {

var appServices = angular.module('', []);

appServices.factory('AJAXService', function($http) {
           return {

             getCrossDomainData: function() {
                           return $http.get('').then(function(result) {

Fetch data from another SilverStripe restfulserver API

Check out SilverStripe RestfulServer Module:

GET /api/v1/(ClassName)/(ID)
Gets a database record
GET /api/v1/(ClassName)/(ID)/(Relation)
Get all of the records linked to this database record by the given reatlion
GET /api/v1/(ClassName)?(Field)=(Val)&(Field)=(Val)
searches for matching database records
POST /api/v1/(ClassName)
create a new database record
PUT /api/v1/(ClassName)/(ID)
updates a database record
PUT /api/v1/(ClassName)/(ID)/(Relation)
updates a relation, replacing the existing record(s) (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET)

What I loved about AngularJS

  • Takes care of data binding
  • Decoupling from the DOM
  • $scope
  • Enforces better coding standards
  • Better cross-browser support


If you’re new to Angular, then be prepared to learn about the new syntax!  Once you get over the bump, you’ll love it. 

Screen Shot 2016 06 01 at 11.49.53 AM

About the author
Zaid Al-Dabbagh

Zaid Al-Dabbagh is the Founder and Technical Director at PANDAUX—a UI+UX design agency specialising in web apps, UI/UX design and usability/accessibility.
Zaid has been in the UI/UX space since 2009, working in both the advertising agency and government space. He adopts user-centric design principles in all of his work, while ensuring that design and technology decisions not only bring strategic value to organisations but are also fully embraced by the team as a whole.
His client list is impressive, which includes Toyota, Z Energy, Localist, Department of Internal Affairs, NZ Police, NZ Qualifications Authority, Charities Services,, Archives New Zealand and Greater Wellington Regional Council.  

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