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SilverStripe’s first Swedish partner: Kreationsbyrån

We are pleased to welcome our first-ever Swedish partner: Kreationsbyrån. This marks an exciting milestone for SilverStripe as we look to grow the open source project in Europe.

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We are pleased to welcome our first-ever Swedish partner: Kreationsbyrån, a Stockholm-based web agency, specialised in e-commerce, front-end development and web strategy. This marks an exciting milestone for SilverStripe as we look to grow the open source project in Europe.

Kreationsbyrån has built many high-quality SilverStripe sites, including the e-commerce and multi-lingual site for Swoon. They have recently released—a Norwegian/Danish site that does product testing and is built on SilverStripe 3.2, using the Translatable module for each language domain. (The Swedish version is coming soon.)

We talked to them about their journey with SilverStripe, as well as their plans for the future...

How did you discover SilverStripe?
We discovered it in 2008. At that time, we were working a lot with EPiServer and looked after an alternative to it with a similar admin UI. We did a thorough search around the web and found the CMS that won “Most promising CMS” award that year—SilverStripe. It suited us perfectly. And it was better than any of us could have anticipated. We haven’t looked back since.

How does your agency currently use SilverStripe?
Today we are using SilverStripe for all our projects. Big, small, sites, e-commerce, dashboards, intranets— you name it. It is also the engine behind our e-commerce platform Shopic.

Why do you recommend clients use SilverStripe over other options?
It is open sourced, often a lot easier to maintain over time, better structured and has a great flexible framework. We also explain the benefits of having the open source project actively maintained and structured by the company itself. And now with SilverStripe Platform, it gives the product even more weight to it.

What was your biggest milestone in the past year?
We secured two interesting Swedish clients that both will build their whole web infrastructure with SilverStripe. It’s not easy persuading companies here in Sweden to use something other than Wordpress, EPiServer or Drupal. But once they get a feel for SilverStripe, they really love it.

Why did you want to join the SilverStripe Partner Programme?
We are currently heavily invested in Silverstripe CMS. We build everything with it, and we see it as a natural step. We think it’s a wonderful piece of product that our clients will benefit greatly from. And one that we love working with.

What goals do you hope to achieve with Kreationsbyrån and SilverStripe in the next year?
We’re hoping to get some interesting clients here in Sweden on board with SilverStripe CMS and SilverStripe Platform.

What would be your dream client to work with?
Well, we love e-commerce. Currently, we have developed many Swedish e-commerce sites with SilverStripe. We are really looking forward to work with a bigger client and build their custom e-commerce platform on SilverStripe. Also, we think we would do a great job working with big corporations that need multi-language and international sites. We would really want to show those big licensed content management systems what you can accomplish with SilverStripe.

Please visit Kreationsbyrån website to see more excellent projects and contact them if you need further information.

Interested in becoming a SilverStripe Partner? Check out SilverStripe Partner Programme or email

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