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Swiss SilverStripe Meetup in Olten - 9th Sept 2014

On September 9th we had the 3rd Swiss SilverStripe Meetup.

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On September 9th we had the 3rd Swiss SilverStripe Meetup. Since Switzerland has four official languages and the members of this Meetup group voted for Swiss-German as Meetup-Language, we are only a subset of Swiss-SilverStripe enthusiasts. With Xeraa & Cam our Meetup group counts 20 members.

Switzerland lies in the center of Europe. Apart from the banks, chocolate and this Meetup we also have a bunch of fancy mountains much like the ones you may have seen on the new  community site :)

Although only 8 people attended, this Meetup was really interesting. First we worked on an answer to Cam’s question regarding the current documentation restructuring effort (see our comments, Oliver Nösberg showed us three of his latest Modules and Roman Schmid (aka bummzack), Lukas Walliser (Xari) & Lukas Erni (aka lerni) talked about the workflow and toolsets they use to build SilverStripe Websites.

In the discussion we found that several people in the group are currently working on content block implementations. After some back and forth we found that it might actually be worth to combine our efforts into a open source content block module. We are now looking into teaming-up to create something we can all use and build upon together. Roman demonstrated some of his work in this area. It seems well suited to serve as a starting point for further work. We will continue our discussion of content blocks at our next Meetup.

Oliver Nösberger from showed us three modules/projects:

  • TableField a field to create Tables with arbitrary amount of rows & columns. It saves JSON as Text in the DB and outputs a Table in the Front-end.

  • PDF generation per DOM PDF with Template creation in the Front-end for worksheet generation in a Research Institute with a high priority for knowledge transfer.

  • A module to select a section of an Image.

SilverStripe Setup/Workflow Presentation:

Roman Schmid explained his automated setup for local development with symlinked modules and framework folders. Other tools and frameworks used in his workflow:


Lukas Walliser - collection of tools used:


Lukas Erni showed the structure of his basic project called "rootstrap" and how he deploys per capistrano@cyon Shared-Double-Hosting. See


All in all we went on for nearly 4 hours. It was a big fun to meet you all, hopefully next time some more people will join us. Thanks to everyone for making this Meetup so enjoyable!

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  • Interresting stuff here, very interrested in the setup / workflow stuff these days. Hopefully will get some more info on the Linz meetup this week :-)

    I to have been working on a content block implementation (for a while now), and i'm using it for all of my projects. (did you check it out?)
    I've focused on a simple implementation, as my PHP skills are not up for more.
    There is some nice stuff in the code by Roman, and will try the module out soon and perhaps we can share some thoughts.

    Posted by Thomas B. Nielsen, 01/10/2014 1:08am (8 years ago)

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