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ImageGallery images not showing

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7 December 2009 at 1:29pm

Edited: 07/12/2009 1:41pm

/* Solved */
The default install has the tutorial template set up. I changed the template to blackcandy and it is working. So not solved in the sense that I know why it didn't' work. But I am sure after digging more into templating I will!

I currently use MODx but I am trying out Silverstripe out on a local install to see if it might be a better solution for a few projects I have coming up. Really liking a lot of what I have tried out so far but running into a bump in the road.

One of the main areas I am concerned with is an image gallery that works well for the end user and is easy for me to set up. Whats available in MODx works great but isn't very friendly for the end user.

Both Gallery and Image gallery have not worked for me. Gallery's lightbox doesn't work in Safari 3 and ImageGallery all goes well with the install (including DataObject Manager and SwfUpload) and I upload images, create albums all that but then they never show up on the page. As long as the page type is "Image Gallery Page" I should not need to change any templates for default functionality correct?

As I am just testing this is on a completely new vanilla install of Silverstripe running in MAMP.

I am hoping some one can shed some light on what might be going wrong here.



Community Member, 18 Posts

8 December 2009 at 5:32am

Edited: 08/12/2009 5:34am

I spot the same behaviour here. With blackcandy it is working but with my own theme it does not. The gearwheel loading indicator is shown for an infinite time. No thumbs and images are shown.

I found a partial fix by adding the following to my layout.css

#ImageGalleryContent .gallery-layout {

#ImageGalleryContent .gallery-layout li a {

With this the gearwheel disappears and the thumbs get visible. Also the linked images are shown but without any popup style - just a plain image in a browser.

If I compare the HTML tags the first thing I see is that the lightbox class is missing on tha <a> tag.

It seems that the behaviour changes in dependency of related theme. Tags are rendered differently and the java scripts seem to run through a different path which is probably causing the neverending loading indicator.

Has anyone an idea how to fix that completely?

Best regards


Forum Moderator, 4102 Posts

8 December 2009 at 5:53am

Could one of you guys please replicate the bug on the demo site so I can test it? Thanks. admin/password


Community Member, 50 Posts

8 December 2009 at 7:01am

@mephzara Sounds like you have a much better idea of what the bug is than I. Still being very green to the SS process not sure what I need to post to recreate the bug.

I am more than happy to help here just don't know how at the moment.

I would love to find out what is going on here before I dig into it again. I am currently doing design for two sites that I am considering using Silverstripe or MODx for. I know MODx so that may be the route I go if this seems like a bug and not my mistake, as I have limited time before I have to start building these sites. They are simple sites so I figured they would be a good trial run.


Forum Moderator, 4102 Posts

8 December 2009 at 7:19am

Choosing ModX over Silverstripe is tantamount to choosing a '92 Taurus over a new Lexus. I don't think that's a good route to go.

I'd love to troubleshoot this, but until I can see the error replicated on the demo site, I wouldn't know where to start. Are you getting any Javascript errors in Firebug?


Community Member, 18 Posts

8 December 2009 at 8:21am

Edited: 08/12/2009 8:24am

I cannot reproduce the bug on your site UncleCheese because I cannot upload themes. I am not sure if the theme of my site is complete to be integrated into another site (maybe there are dependencies to files outside of the theme or silverstripe directory). But we can try. Can I send you the template by mail?

And I have to mention that Silverstripe is installed in a subdirectory called "content" on my site.


PS: forgot to mention SS 2.3.4 and release 333 of (dataobjectmanager, imagegallery etc.).


Community Member, 50 Posts

8 December 2009 at 8:52am

I put together a quick template with some markup and CSS from a static site I was working on just to throw in the basic fields, content areas and the gallery. It worked. No firebug errors. I am really liking ImageGallery and after I pick around a bit with customizing the templates and output I think it will be just what the doctor ordered for my end users. Thanks for putting together a great module.

So for my part I think it was just something about the tutorial template. I ran that and didn't get any firebug errors either, so still not sure what was going on there.

On a side note, I would be curious to hear why you feel MODx is like a Taurus. Not really looking for a this vs that as I think that tiresome and there is enough of that around. God knows I have read enough comparisons before jumping in this pond. They both seem to be on equal footing to me just better or worse at specific tasks. I am not looking to get into Silverstripe to ditch MODx. I still plan on using MODx I just don't think one CMS is the answer for every site. Right tool for the job and all that.

I have not been digging in Silverstripe long enough to speak really for or against it.

With MODx I think its a very flexible and unbelievably easy to create a strict validating site that is very SEO friendly. Working with their powerful TV's and bindings makes my life easy. If I say want a new image field in the CMS all I do is create a TV and assign it to a template with the tick of a box. Being able to quickly assign a image widget to this field that allows for adding alt tags, assigning classes, and all that is very easy. Overall I think the templating process is quicker than with Silverstripe. Although I like how Silverstripe has a theme with templates in it where MODx is just kinda a bunch of templates that get assigned to pages.

I went looking into Silverstripe because I felt that creating a blog with advanced features is needlessly difficult and there was no great image gallery module that I felt was good for my end users. Maxigallery is great and is very flexible, once you add in phpthumb you can do just about anything with it. It just doesn't have a module interface in the backend which is a no-go for me in many scenarios.

I really like the Silverstripe community and documentation compared to MODx. You can often feel left out in the cold with some of the docs there. I also think the Silverstipe CMS from a end user experience is superior. I do not like however, that I have to open 3 files and flush the cache to put in a new field. I also don't like that urls don't reflect nested pages. I know that last bit is being fixed.

Working as mostly a front end developer and designer that is my perspective on this. I am sure you are much more knowledgeable about the inner working and advanced functionality of these systems than I. It would be great to hear if you had a few simple reasons you don't think MODx is for you, outside whats in comparisons out there. As I don't think any of them really put one ahead of the other, but I may be missing something as I know there is a lot I don't know. I am always looking to learn something new!


Forum Moderator, 4102 Posts

8 December 2009 at 10:17am

@mephzara - Your theme shouldn't have anything to do with it unless you're overriding the ImageGalleryPage templates. Send me a link and I'll take a look.

@okotoker - I don't feel especially motivated at the moment to campaign for Silverstripe, but I have used ModX and I thought it was one of the most crude web applications I've ever seen, and its design pattern made a mockery of MVC. PHP code embedded in form fields all over the place and an uncalled for reliance on "ID" values, along with cryptic terminology like "Snippet" and "Chunk" -- all of which scared the hell out of my client. Silverstripe is much more than a CMS -- it's a comprehensive PHP programming framework (sapphire) bundled with an application (cms) built on that framework. A lot of what I have seen in Sapphire rivals some of the features of the bigwig PHP frameworks like Symfony and Zend. I really don't think from a developer's standpoint you can beat that. Of course, everyone has different needs. Designers are turned off by the requisite level of PHP coding skill, and they usually flock to the Joomlas of the world, and that's fine. But as a programmer, how one could arrive at any decision other than Silverstripe is simply beyond me.

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