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Simple Guestbook module

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Community Member, 13 Posts

7 September 2011 at 11:19pm

Hi Marc,

I stopped using frame forwarding since i use the guestbook, it's not a big problem i was just curious if it could be solved.

Another thing that i was wondering is the time stamp a message gets in the guestbook, it's never the real time that the message is created and messages of the same day/week seem to have the same minutes.. I also tried it at your site with a time test, then u see what i mean.

Any idea what the problem is here??




Community Member, 82 Posts

8 September 2011 at 12:02am

Hi Gijs,

the format problem is based on a little bug I implemented in the template ;-)
I'm using basic template methods to format the timestamp:

$Created.format( Y-m-d H:m )

And correctly it should be:
$Created.format( Y-m-d H:i )

I don't know why, but still I tend to use "m" for minutes, although it's "month" *sigh* - The created-dates in the database are correct, though ;-)



Community Member, 5 Posts

19 September 2011 at 3:13am

Hi marc

I have the same problem that Gijs already reported. The emoticon map does not show up as a popup when trying it from my own site. Testing it on your ssmaint site it works. additionally the addComment feature does not work either. Like the emoticons map link it tries to load something but nothing happens. This is the case either in IE9 or Firefox.

Btw: First of all I got an SQL Syntax error on my local IIS installation when I tested the comment feature. I had to change GuestbookEntryComment.php to make that work. I had to remove the brackets in the LEFT JOIN statement:
$sqlQuery->from = array(
' GuestbookEntryComment GC ',
' LEFT JOIN Member M ',
' ON ( M.ID = GC.AuthorID )',

Now, at least I don't get a Synax error anymore when I enable the comment feature in the guestbook.

There was another minor change I made to Guestbook.php to enable mollom spam protection:
$spamProtectionField = new DropdownField(
_t( 'Guestbook.SPAMPROTECTION', 'Which spamprotection?' ),
null => '-',
'mollom' => 'MollomSpamProtector',
'recaptcha' => 'ReCaptcha',
'phpcaptcha' => 'PHPCaptcha',
'simplestspam' => 'SimplestSpam',
'mathspam' => 'MathSpamProtection',

// add spamprotection if enabled
if( ( 'recaptcha' == $this->SpamProtection
&& 'RecaptchaProtector' == SpamProtectorManager::get_spam_protector() )
|| ( 'mollom' == $this->SpamProtection
&& 'MollomSpamProtector' == SpamProtectorManager::get_spam_protector() )
|| ( 'simplestspam' == $this->SpamProtection
&& 'SimplestSpamProtector' == SpamProtectorManager::get_spam_protector() )
||('phpcaptcha' == $this->SpamProtection
&& 'PhpCaptchaProtector' == SpamProtectorManager::get_spam_protector() )
SpamProtectorManager::update_form( $form, 'Captcha', array(), _t('Guestbook.CaptchaMessage', 'Captcha') );

return $form;

hopefully that helps someone else as well who prefers mollom rather than Recaptcha.

Other than that, great work! This really helped me as a total beginner in webdesign to implement a guestbook. Oh, and I "stole" your guestbook.css off your ssmaint site because I realy liked the rounded layout of the guestbook entries. Hopefully you integrate these in your next release :-)




Community Member, 82 Posts

19 September 2011 at 8:09am

Hi Thomas,

I think the Popup-Problem is browser-related. I'll have a look into this.
@ SQL: Will be added next release (yes, sometimes M$-environment can be a b1tch ;-)).
@ Mollom: Ok, can be added, too.

The design is just a prototype and please check for the templates, too - I did some changes there. This will all be included in the next release. I'm hoping to be able to do some more improvements on the SQL handling and also the whole handling of the frontend. S!m had some good ideas there :-)


Community Member, 5 Posts

20 September 2011 at 6:03am

Hi Marc

I sort of "figured it out". ;-) The entire <script> code in did not work for me. I just replaced the entire <!--[if lt IE 9]> paragraph with the <!--[if IE 6 ]>... code you have on your ssmaint page. Now it works for me in IE9 and Firefox.

The funny thing is, when I tested the old version with the <script> earlyer today in IE6 in the office the popups did work. I wonder what happend tomorrow when I test the new code in the office.

Sorry that I cannot be any more specific. I'm pretty much copy-pasting things blindly as i'm definitively no web designer.

I'll gladly test your next release and keep you posted...




Community Member, 82 Posts

20 September 2011 at 9:32pm

Hi Thomas,

I'm really sorry, but IE6 will not be supported :(
If Popups in IE6 do not work, this will not be fixed unless it is an error which affects other browser versions, too.
When reporting bugs or change requests, please use the bugtracker, so I don't lose track ;)

Also important for bugs is:

  • how to replicate the error
  • browser type/version
  • os type/version
  • webserver type/version
  • database type/version
    That makes it a lot easier for s!m or me to have a look into the issue :)

    Kind regards,


Community Member, 5 Posts

21 September 2011 at 5:00am

Edited: 21/09/2011 5:01am

Hi Marc

I tested the new code in IE6 today and it still works. So don't worry, IE6 support is not really necessary as it already works. At least for what I need it. I'm not planning to support IE6 on my website extensively either. If it works, it works. If not, bad luck...

Looking forward to your next release.

Kind regards



Community Member, 63 Posts

27 October 2011 at 8:45am

Hi Iseppi!

I read your post and was wondering if you could tell me how to implement the mollom spamprotection in my guestbook.php. I already tried it myself (by simply copying and pasting your code to my .php) but I failed (since I´m a total php noob). I use mollom and spamprotection for the rest of my site and it´s working fine. But recently I receive tons of spam gb entries which I have to remove manually :-(

pls anyone help a noob in need!!!

best regards

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