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Simple Guestbook module

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27 October 2011 at 9:16am

Hi Marina

What exactly is your problem with mollom?

One thing that got me confused for quite a while was the fact that any captchas are disabled as long as you are logged in into the CMS!

I always thought that Mollom did not work at all or only work in Firefox when i was implementing it, where the acutal problem was that I was still logged in into the Admin panel. After clicking Logout Mollom started showing.

Hope that helps and otherwise please be a bit more specific with your problem.

Best regards



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27 October 2011 at 9:22am

hi thx for the quick reply...

nah my problem goes a bit mentioned I already use mollom for the rest of my site where it works fine (I already knew about that logged-in-issue :-)
thing is I saw your code you implemented into your guestbook.php and thought that must be working for my site as well (my guestbook page is the only one where mollom isn´t working (since not in the code i guess)) so I merely copied and pasted your code lines into my own guestbook.php (but apparently into the wrong places). after uploading it to my server i get an error message instead of my website telling me that something is wrong with my guestbook.php code line 873 (or whatever number it was...)
so i obviously pasted your code into the wrong part of my guestbook.php....i was just wondering if you could tell me where exactly that code has to go?

kind regards


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27 October 2011 at 10:04am

Well, I dont know much about PHP either, i just used some high precision guesswork ;-) What I acutally did was add the two Mollom definition inside the code of guestbook.php. If you just copy/paste it at the end of the code, i guess that would not work.

Just search in guestbook.php for the two code sections and replace them with my code. The first one should be around line No. 131 and the other around line No. 536.

I've attached my Guestbook.php to this post. I'm not sure if it works for you but it should. If it doesn't just post your version of Guestbook.php. Maybe I can figure something out. Otherwise we will have to wait until Marc joins in so he can have a look at it...

I guess you have the "spamprotection" and "mollom" module already installed if you say that mollom generally works on your site.

Best Regards


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27 October 2011 at 10:21am

Hi Thomas!

thanks for the code that was exactly what i needed! at least it gave me no more errors after uploading. activated the mollom spamprotection in the cms and now it works like a charm :-)

thanks so much for the help!!!

best wishes


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27 October 2011 at 7:41pm

Good morning :-)

Would be good to know in wich version of the guestbook Mollom didn't work...
If there's some need for bugfixing, at least ;-)

-- As a short update --

  • I'm still a bit occupied with the whole house buying stuff, so time for development is rather short :-(
  • The design is already a bit reworked and I'll add HTML5/Microdata to the posts and comments
  • Also I'm refactoring the code a bit and try to add Ajax reloading for posts/comments when editing/deleting

That's what keeps me from coding:

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