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9 July 2010 at 2:27am

Hey, Barry.. didn't know it was you! Good to hear from ya.

If you're installing the same application across 20 sites, then why not link to shared installations of sapphire, cms, and your two modules? Assuming they're all on the same server, all you need is some symbolic links. Here, we run 30+ sites on a single SS install that includes DOM, SWFUpload, and other common modules that everyone uses. When updates come out, it's a snap to upgrade everyone.

Your abstract page that can't be edited is a bit curious to me. Why have it in the CMS at all? Why not just light up a new controller and a template and go to town? Maybe I don't know the whole scope of your project, but if you can't edit, delete, or create, then what good is the CMS? Just do it in Sapphire!


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9 July 2010 at 2:39am

Everyday I am learning... :)

The reason is ignorance... When I workout how to do something I just plough on with the next... but at the moment I am have a window of re-factoring to clean up some of the worst sections before this code gets depending upon too much... I'm gonna take this off forum :)


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9 July 2010 at 2:51am

Lol.. see ya there!


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9 July 2010 at 9:08am

@UncleCheese the dev mailing list is available at

We are also going to be working on the separation of cms from sapphire in the next major release and cms will be treated as a module (a group owners will be assigned). Not sure at this stage how far decoupling for 3.0.0 will go (eg whether cms and sapphire release independent of each other) but it is something that we are going to be progressing towards.

The ability to group templates into folders sounds like a good enhancement. Its likely to only slow the process down when running a ?flush=1 since the templates are then combined so the performance hit for the user would be minimal (unless you don't cache anything at all which is generally a bad idea).

As we ramp up development of 3.0.0 I think we'll bring up the structure discussion on the mailing list to get ideas. Personally I like the


Modules would include cms, blog etc etc. Anyway its probably best to discuss this on the core mailing list to ensure that everyone has their say.

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