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Event_calendar having problems with FormName

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29 October 2010 at 7:27pm

Hi All.
I am still having trouble with event_calendar. Am using ss v2.4.2, dataobject_manager r511, legacydatetimefields trunk-r107809, event_calendar r116. I can create a Calendar page in the cms, but when I try to create a CalendarEvent sub=page I get the following error in my apache error_log: Fatal error: Call to member function FormName() on non-object on line 208 of ./sapphire/forms/DateField.php. Any ideas?
Looking at the forums would seem to indicate that this was a problem in moving from v2.3 to v2.4, but the indication is that it has been fixed, but this is not so on my site.
I have tried absolutley everything I could think of.



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30 October 2010 at 11:20am

I have tried reverting back to ss v2.3.4 and found that I can create CalendarEvent sub-pages, but the calendar is not showing on the side (just says "Loading") and when I try to add a date to the Calendar event, Nothing can be entered into the dialog box.

This is turning very much into a deal-breaker for me. Unless I can get this solved soon one way or another I am going to have to look at a different CMS as this site needs to be up and running soon for my client.


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30 November 2010 at 2:52pm

The line before 208 reads

if($this->getLocale() != 'en_NZ') return;

So this problem will only come up if you have your locale set to en_NZ... although I changed that and the problem still remained so I just changed it to always return nothing - I can live without validation. And I know its bad to modify core files but I'm assuming any updates later should fix this bug anyway...


Forum Moderator, 267 Posts

27 July 2011 at 9:14am

I have just had this same problem.
It seems to be attached to the individual CMS user's locale rather than the i18n::set_locale('en_NZ'); that you set in the _config.php.

This is how I solved it.

Go and update your CMS user's locale to en_GB (guess this is the closest to en_NZ in terms of date/time formatting?) and the event calendar sub pages all begin to work correctly again, well at least in my case they did.

I really didn't want to poke around with the core, hopefully a fix will come out for this at some point.

Give it a try and post your results :)