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11 January 2011 at 5:00am


although Subsites is not coded to work with SS 2.4, it works most the time. Anyway, maybe someone can give me some hints how to fix the following 2 issues, to make it work better with SS 2.4.

I have the following Subsites created:
SubSite A
SubSite B

1) I created a user and put him into a "Content Editors" Group and allowed access to all Subsites (and languages). When the user logs in, always 'SubSite A' is active by default. How can I change this and make 'Main Site' the default after login? I tried to hard code, and to modify SubsiteList / currentSubsiteID, but without success :(

2) Furthermore I'm using Translatable together with Subsites. Every time I change the language on 'Main Site' or 'SubSite B', 'SubSite A' becomes active. Anyone got an idea how to fix this? (workaround would be great too).


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4 November 2011 at 3:47pm

Edited: 04/11/2011 3:48pm

Anyone had any progress on this?

This has been an issue for me for editing child pages under RemodelAdmin. I just realized thanks to your post that the issue is that not the Main site but a subsite is forced for non-admins...


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19 November 2011 at 6:09am

Edited: 19/11/2011 6:09am

I just did this - it may help. Under Subsite.php, there is a changeSubsite() method.

I set up my various ModelAdmin classes to work with numeric PageIDs and added a $subsiteID parameter.

class BlogAdmin extends RemodelAdmin {

	static $managed_models = array (
	static $url_segment = "blog";
	static $menu_title = 'Blog';
	public $showImportForm = false;
	static $parent = 100;
	static $parent_page_type = "ArticleHolder";
	static $subsiteID=1;

Then I just added this into the init funciton of RemodelAdmin.php:

public function init() {
	    if(($subsiteID = $this->stat('subsiteID'))>=0 ) {

It may not be orthodox, but it sure works, esp since I have article sections in several subsites managed with RemodelAdmin by different users.

I am guessing you could do the same and perhaps check what subsite needs to be set based on the user's group. Hope this helps anyone!