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14 October 2011 at 2:03pm

Hi, i am in the need of a calendar that will:

- generate a calendar
- lets user add events to their will
- events show in the calendar
- once clicked, the date reveals the description
- let visitors register and pay for the event

- - -

I have installed the event_calendar along event_registration module. I can:

- create a calendar page
- create a registration event

But how in hell do i insert the calendar into the template????? When i click on the Calendar page DRAFT SITE, it show nothing! Only the basic template.

Also, i miss the Event Description Behavior tab.

SS 2.4.5
Event_calendar module
eventmanagement module (is it the right name?)
payment module
multiform module



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17 October 2011 at 8:32am


Please be patient. Your thread is a little confusing, as you seem to be talking about more than 1 thing here. Inserting a calendar into your is a theming issue for the most part, and events showing up or not showing up is a very different problem.

Have you read the getting started guide?

If the events aren't showing up, my best guess is you haven't given them a proper date/time.


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17 October 2011 at 10:55am

Edited: 17/10/2011 10:56am

Hi Dan, sorry about that. Ive been looking around for help for days regarding that issue.

Lets get this straight. Yes, i do want to insert a Calendar (i am using event_calendar) into template.

I guess i must create a template and insert it into using <% control Page(Calendar) %> in a proper container <div>.

Did that, and now when i click on DRAFT SITE for the Calendar page in the CMS, it properly shows the content of

But no sign of a calendar (hence no events) at all.

Do i have to use something like $Calendar into ?????

- -

Tell me if i am wrong: if event are outsynched (improper start/end dates), should the calendar be visible, but showing no events?

Thanks for helping!


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18 October 2011 at 10:08am

Edited: 18/10/2011 10:15am

Hi to all, some news.

I did what Dan (thanks) suggested:

- install a fresh SS copy on the server
- using a new user
- using a new DB
- using Candy as theme
- nstalled event_calandar module
- dev/build
- created a calendar page
- created an calendar event page
- clicked on DRAFT view...

VOILÀ! I can see the calendar in action along my events.

BUT, Its still not working on my main site.

- - -

Any suggestions on how to debug?

Hint1: When i do try to see it, it shows me an unstructured page (CCS problem) with the calendar missing (but the events are there).
Hint2: i had to manually move and to show the Calendar page (even if unstructured). Which i didnt have to do when using Candy as a theme on the fresh install.

While waiting for some answers, i will try to switch theme from MY THEME to CANDY into _config.php.

Ill start from there.



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18 October 2011 at 3:54pm

Ok, i switched themes from MYTHEME to BLACKCNADY and the calendar does show up.

So something is my custom themes isnt working right and conflicts with the event-calendar module.

Any idea?