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Image Gallery Extension: Testers Needed

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19 December 2008 at 2:38pm

I'd love to see your code. I tried changing gallery/templates/layout/includes/ from a table to an ul, but for whatever reason that didn't work. Am I in the wrong place?


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19 December 2008 at 2:49pm

Nevermind, I'm retarded. Found it in ImageGallery/templates/includes/


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19 December 2008 at 4:17pm

It looks like there's a bug with changing the pop-up type. I tried several times, and if you change the type it is causing problems with existing albums, but not new ones.


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19 December 2008 at 7:55pm

Edited: 19/12/2008 8:09pm

I'm having a problem with the popup selection too. In admin if I set the popup to anything and click Save, it fails with:

<br >
<b>Fatal error</b>: Method name must be a string in <b>/home/abailey/public_html/silverstripe/sapphire/forms/Form.php</b> on line <b>220</b><br >

I modified the value by hand in the db, and the display isn't changing on the front-end. Is there a template edit that I'm missing in the theme?

Edit: Huh, I created a new page and it will let me save in the admin. Though I'm still having trouble with the front-end display, album says 0 photos on front-end and even when the album/folder connect, the popup isn't working. The previous page I was working with originally was a 'Gallery' page from the original module, then I changed behavior to ImageGallery.


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20 December 2008 at 12:08am

Hi Cheese...

This is a brilliant module... Thanks for the hard work !


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20 December 2008 at 6:14am


Thank you for being Beta testers! You've helped me flush out a really critical bug with the new 2.3 release. Silverstripe has deprecated the File::loadUploaded() method in favor of the Upload object, which only exists in 2.3. That's likely what was causing the problems when switching lightboxes.

To everyone complaining about tables -- Believe me, I'm the first person to avoid using tables at all costs. Unfortunately, CSS has not come far enough yet to allow a tableless layout for the gallery, and I'll tell you why. If we floated all the LI tags, we would have to give them a fixed height. Otherwise, variance in the height will cause all kinds of nastiness because there won't be a unified "row" of LI tags, and they'll bump into each other instead of going all the way to the left on the next row. Most of the time, you get around this by giving the LI a fixed height. Unfortunately, with the gallery, there is no guarantee what the image height will be. We'd like to assume that the images are square, but we can't guarantee that with all the resizing options.

The admin gallery, however, is in a UL because it needs to support sorting. (Sorting table cells is .... well, you can imagine.) The way that's done is by forcing the formatting of 100x100 to the images in the admin view.

@ joshuarr

Yes, there are a lot of CSS bugs. Some of them are just going to remain unresolved because it's impossible to accommodate every possible
layout. The core CSS is supposed to just get you started.

More specific answers...

A. These little squares link to the 34th image and I have no idea why.

==> Me neither!!! I've been baffled by this for a while. Anyone?

B. & C. The image gallery's 'gallery' tab is unmodified and says 30 per page, 6 images per row. Here the 7th image is being cut off, and the rest of them are nowhere. Likely CSS - I will investigate.

==> It is a CSS issue. Make sure your column width is set up right to handle that many images. Keep in mind, the stylesheet can't be aware of variables such as how large you've set your thumbnails.

D* On multipage galleries, the show all button would be nice to have as an option for the public.

==> I suppose. It's awfully processor intensive, and I'd like to steer users clear of using it, but doesn't hurt to make it an option.

E. (not shown) - Just a reiteration of the request for the lightbox views to span the entire album rather than just the current page.

==> Yes.. the original Gallery module allowed this by placing hidden thumbnails above and below the current gallery items. We can do that, too.

Lots of bug fixes for all of you. SS has made a ton of changes to the core and it's really hindering the development. Glad I'm nipping it in the bud, though.

Keep up the feedback. Thanks.

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20 December 2008 at 8:40am

I would suggest having a new thread, or edit the original post with the latest update in the first topic always.

It would save members from having to weed through the topic to find the link to the latest version. If in the future when development slows, posts might pile up and the link to the latest version would be on say, page 8 out of 15, making it a pain to find.


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20 December 2008 at 7:47pm

0.6.3 seems to be working better, can save pages with a popup setting now in the admin, and with nyromodal i get the shaded browser effect and the popup to show a file, but it seems like saving pages ruins the album configuration for me. I can have files in the folder uploaded through the cms files resource, and the gallery list page will only show a text hyperlink with the filename, but the path is set to '/', and no images appear now.