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Image Gallery Extension: Testers Needed

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Community Member, 23 Posts

2 April 2009 at 8:46am

the only issue with flash is the inability of the iphone to deal with it.
so that's why i ask about mp3/m4a and quicktime, as well as being able to create a link to those assets without any kind of modal window as an option. make sense? so many iphones :)


Forum Moderator, 4102 Posts

2 April 2009 at 8:57am

I know.. but, man.. you have to believe that they're going to do away with that soon. The whole thing is so stupid. Apple thinks for some reason that they can make this heroic efforts to force iTunes down our throats, but they're going to lose. I mean, what's with supporting YouTube, but not anything else? They're just afraid people will go to Hulu instead of iTunes.

Ugh. I love my iPhone, but they sure did make some strange choices.

<% end_rant %>

Shawn Parr

Community Member, 60 Posts

2 April 2009 at 9:15am

you have to believe that they're going to do away with that soon

That would be a pretty big announcement, and since it wasn't mentioned during the 3.0 announcement event, personally I have to guess that at best it is 6 months away, realistically a year if it comes at all.

I'm sure there are various reasons behind closed doors, but battery life is a real issue, and flash, especially on the Mac platform, has traditionally been power hungry. YouTube can be supported since they stream h.264 video within a flash container, and they have pretty easy ways of getting to that stream directly. The iPhone has a chip that offloads h.264 decoding which allows for battery life to suffer less.

Either way, some of us are developing websites now. And we have to target what is happening now, and what our users are using now. While we try to be as future looking as possible, there is a point at which hoping for a change in direction from a glacier is not a fruitful endeavor.

I'm also of the opinion that having a way to better serve mp4/m4v video along with flash video would be great. I would also love it if there was one solution that could serve the mobile users as well as the desktop, but reality doesn't care what I think.

Just my 2c, and I know you are super busy working on this mod and a few others. And we all greatly appreciate that work. I know any of us could potentially dig in and create another mod to do something like this, but quite frankly you are doing such good work that I expect you could do it significantly better in less time. So I add my vote as a feature request.

I just wanted to toss my view out there. :)


Community Member, 23 Posts

2 April 2009 at 9:27am

i also don't think that flash is that close. it's just too fiddly, as shawn has stated. hell, it bogs down my firefox, safari, and ie on windows and osx.
it's not that lightweight either. give me nice html/php/jscript any day. anyway, i also agree with shawn in feeling that your implementation will be more timely and better than other options out there. thanks again, UC, for the hard work on this!


Forum Moderator, 4102 Posts

2 April 2009 at 9:32am

Thanks for the compliments, guys. I appreciate it. I've been in the event calendar all day. Hopefully we'll start rolling out updates to DOM and IG soon, too.


Community Member, 14 Posts

2 April 2009 at 9:56am

Edited: 02/04/2009 10:09am

Hi is there any documentation explaining how to play with the template files? For example the one just mentioned - what does it do? :-) Sorry if this is a trivial question - just trying to learn.

What I actually want to achieve is to alter the templates in a way that the content of the gallery (all of it) will be in a <div> OUTSIDE the structure of the standrard SilverStripe I want to be able to position it absolutelly and don't want it iheriting anything (I get unexpected results with the overflow for example).

Just to add here - I used the "gallery" Module before which in the doc had instructions to place a "<% include GalleryContent %>" wherever in the to have the engine place all gallery related HTML in there. Just to give you the idea what sort of answer I am looking for.

Any ideas please?

Thanks a lot,


Forum Moderator, 4102 Posts

2 April 2009 at 10:13am doesn't exist anymore. You need to do an update. Get rid of "gallery" entirely, and get dataobject_manager and image_gallery.


Community Member, 165 Posts

7 April 2009 at 6:34am

Once again, thanks for all your help UncleCheese. I am building a web site for a client who is a professional photographer. As such he is pretty picky about cropping and sizing his images. He creates his own thumbnails and I would like to be able to use them instead of the SS auto generated ones. Is there a way for me to extend the image_gallery to allow me to pick or upload both the large image and the thumbnail?

I understand that this may be a large departure from the way this modules is intended to work. However I do think that many users of this gallery would like an option to have greater control over quality of presentation.

If you just point me in the right direction I could probably make the modifications my self.

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