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Testers Required - SecureFiles 0.1.1 Module

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Community Member, 712 Posts

25 February 2009 at 1:01pm

Edited: 11/03/2009 11:12am

(reposted after my original thread ended up on the 'installation' forum)

Hey all,

Attached is an early build of a module I am working on - 'SecureFiles' allows content managers to set file access permissions on folders. Files within these folders will be subject to permission checks through sapphire.

As you might not know, files uploaded to you SilverStripe site are open to the internet - that is, anyone who knows the right URL will be able to get to your files.


New CMS tab 'Security' for folders, allows content editors to give specific users access to specific folders
Privileges are inherited from parent folders
Rules enforced by an optimized controller.
Unsecured folders are still allowed direct access
New permission code "Access to Secure Files" overrides folder specific privileges
Prevent Google indexing your private files!

This is an early version, so documentation is still sparse, however it should be this easy to install:

1. Extract to your SilverStripe directory

2. Run dev/build?flush=1

I would like to here about any bugs of feedback you might have, so please add to this thread.

Attached Files

Community Member, 48 Posts

7 May 2009 at 3:06pm

Edited: 07/05/2009 3:06pm

Hi Hamish,

I've been using securefiles with SS2.3.1 which works like a dream. I'm really hoping to use it with 2.3.2 since a client requires a secure area and support for different languages.

For translatable to work, my choice is either go back to 2.2.4 or upgrade to 2.3.2.

I tried your module with 2.3.2beta1 but when I click on a file I get the raw response ala...

%PDF-1.4 %�쏢 5 0 obj <> stream x�UP�NC1

Do you have any suggestions?




Community Member, 48 Posts

11 May 2009 at 5:25pm

Edited: 11/05/2009 5:29pm

Okay so after a lot of reinstalls using different versions of silverstripe I finally discovered the problem was to do with http headers.

I was using a very simple extended image class, which I put at the bottom of mysite/code/ArticlePage.php



class ArticlePage_ArticleImage extends Image {
   function generateSmall($gd) {
      return $gd->croppedResize(60,60);


Note the newlines after the php close tag ?>

Argh!!! DAYS were spent trying to track that one down.

"When browser requests a page, the http server sends http headers before html contents. It means that if you are using php to send any headers, it must be done before writing any html output.

Html output is ANY content, including, spaces or newlines after the php close tag (?>) because anything outside php tags is considered to be html.

It is not that php (or any serverside scripting language) doesn't like spaces or newlines, but it is the correct way it is supposed to behave."


I think, because the securefiles module outputs a http response direct to the browser, people should be careful to not have any whitespace outside their <?php ... ?> tags.




Community Member, 244 Posts

11 May 2009 at 7:29pm

Keeny: Keep in mind that PHP closing tags aren't required - IMO if a file is purely PHP it is best to omit them.


Community Member, 48 Posts

12 May 2009 at 1:43pm

Hi AJ,

Yeah - I noticed some people using that style of coding (leaving out the php close tags) but was unsure why they were doing it at the time. I'll definately consider using that style now.

Can anyone think of a 'con' to leaving the php ?> close tag out?