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21 March 2009 at 4:47am

That works perfectly. Thanks so much for your time.



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26 March 2009 at 3:46am


I am new to this. I just added the module(current revision) but I cannot see any pictures, just a blank black frame, although pictures were added.

I was not able to edit xmlFilePath in the CMS so I just put the param.xml (from the standalone slideshowpro version) in the path it told me. That is not how it is supposed to work is it ?
The uploaded swf is also the one from the standalone version.

Should it be working or is it actually necessary to use Flash to edit the swf ?


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26 March 2009 at 3:59am

I don't believe the module works with the standalone version right now. You'll need to create a SWF in flash and configure all the properties in the component inspector, setting the imagesPath to the path given in the CMS. Export, then upload.


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27 March 2009 at 5:02am

Just curious. Any reason you guys aren't considering using the Slideshow Pro Director CMS?

Looks like incredible CMS, bug free, ready-to-go for very affordable price. I would imagine the gallery could then just be plopped into the SilverStripe page.


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27 March 2009 at 5:09am

Edited: 27/03/2009 5:09am

Well of course. We all love Director. It's an amazing product. But I think I speak for a lot of developers when I can tell you a lot of my clients get sour about having to use two disparate tools to update their website. Integrating Director-like functionality into Silverstripe brings some huge gains in cohesive content updates.

And oh yeah.. Silverstripe is free. :)


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26 May 2009 at 4:02am

Edited: 26/05/2009 4:14am

Hi UncleCheese,

I've only recently found this thread on the forums so I'm a bit late to it, apologies.

First may I take the opportunity to thank you personally for the huge contribution you've made to this and the other modules, very cool.

Secondly, as the Web Designer who originally approached the Silverstripe Core Dev team to produce the SSP mod as a commissioned project in the autumn of last year with the view to giving it back to the community as a fully supported mod, I'd really like to thank you for taking the existing Slideshow_Pro mod and running with it to produce a fully functioning module that matched my original ideas for the inclusion of the SSP component into the Silverstripe CMS, a heartfelt thanks to bring something on to full commercial deployment finally. Cheers!

I have made some small code changes which may make it easier still and would value your opinion if you have time?

Currently the SSP relies on the swf xml feed being manually set up in each swf before deployment/upload, a workflow far from usable to the average end client so I hope you don't mind but have adjusted your code to pass into the swf the xml on the fly using the flashvars (which is perfect for the job) so all you have to do now is to create a swf with the SSP component (Instance name of my_ssp) inside and create an action layer and place the following one line in it

my_ssp.xmlFilePath = ImagesPath;

now the same swf can be used across the site repeatedly without further editing of the swf each time.

I also added an extra param and field in the CMS for making the swf transparent (WMode = transparent) which will allow any drop down menus ect on the page to appear over the top of the swf file when set.

I've put it in a zip here and the two files that I have changed are SlideshowProPage.php and slideshowpro_init.js - I'm no heavy coder so appologies if it's not correct or elequent, in fact the transparency option could just be a checkbox in the cms but after a couple of tries I settled for a Text field, feel free to change it to a checkbox option if you want.

The second thing I was wondering and due to my limited SS knowledge is the video aspect which I would dearly love to get working. I found the following file in the swfUpload folder > SWFUploadConfig.php and came across this bit of code which diidn't scan (for me) so 'corrected' it to the following


	static function addFileTypes($types)
		if(is_array($types)) {
			foreach($types as $type)


//Edit: A. Clare | changed self::addFileType($type); to self::addFileTypes($type); below in order to show all file types when file browsing in swfupload
	static function addFileTypes($types)
		if(is_array($types)) {
			foreach($types as $type)

Dunno if I did good/caught a bug or banjaxed it :o/ but I can now browse all file types inc video...

the only problem I have now is that the flv is uploaded but does not appear in the _resampled folder although the xml feed is showing a path to it there, so currently I have to copy the flv into the _resampled folder and it then works.

..any ideas here as to why it doesn't get re-sampled?

Sorry for the long post but once again thanks for making my original idea finally come to fruition and hope my changes are okay.


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26 May 2009 at 4:26am

Thanks for your feedback. This has been a dormant project for quite some time. It would be good to get this ironed out., cause it has so much potential.

I'll accept whatever code changes you think are appropriate, because I really have a hard time working with SSP as much as I love it. I rarely use it, so I'm not sure what users are looking for. The one thing I figured out is that using the standalone player was not going to work. I forget for what reason, but it did end up being the case that it made more sense for me to task users with creating their own SWF. I'll check your changes in.

I'm not sure what you did to the SWFUploadConfig function. Looks like you made it recursive, which seems unnecessary. Maybe it will make sense if I explain the difference.

addFileType() adds one file extension to the array of accepted extensions.
addFileTypes() accepts an array of extensions and adds them one at a time using the member function addFileType.

There's no need to make the function recursive since you're not working with a tree.

Not sure what you mean about the _resampled folder. That's used by the GD class for image resampling.

You should check out the DataObjectManager forum and read about the new Audio and Video features of DataObjectManager. It creates FLVs on the fly using the FFMPEG tool for Linux. I've gotten some really cool demos out of it.

Thanks again for your work. I'll check in the changes.


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26 May 2009 at 6:04am

No problem, glad to help. Like you - I reckon there's great bonus to SS users if SSP can be given a smooth integration and admin in the cms.

With that change to the way the xml feed gets into the SSP swf it just means the developer/designer can pre-make one swf and then tell the end client to point to that one file each time they set up an SSP page, saves opening it up and republishing for each new page time. Make sure you cast yer eye over that new code as I really was flying by the seat of my pants writing it. I usually push pixels or actionscript not php :o)

Re the js swf upload stuff, kinda thought I might have been screwing something up tbh, I was only footling around with it as all video.flv stuff was greyed out until I 'tweaked' (read screwed) that script.

Sorry for not being clear re the _resampled folder, see if I can describe it better.

When you upload images to the image_gallery interface (the same that manages the slideshow_pro mod they are sent to a _resampled folder (hope I'm correct with the workflow here) in the slideshow_pro mod the images go into the folder but the flv gets uploaded into the page folder but not the _resampled folder yet the xml feed is saying that this is where to find it to the swf.


going to http://ss23:8888/photos/xml on my local machine gives me the following xml tree powering the ssp page at http://ss23:8888/photos/

<album title="New Photos" description="" tn="">
<img tn="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/CroppedImage8585-image1.jpg" src="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/SetWidth500-image1.jpg" caption="Hello!"/>
<img tn="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/CroppedImage8585-purpleflowers.flv" src="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/SetHeight500-purpleflowers.flv" caption="Hello video"/>
<img tn="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/CroppedImage8585-frog.flv" src="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/SetHeight500-frog.flv" caption=""/>
<img tn="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/CroppedImage8585-image2.jpg" src="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/SetWidth500-image2.jpg" caption="New photos"/>
<img tn="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/CroppedImage8585-image3.jpg" src="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/SetWidth500-image3.jpg" caption=""/>
<img tn="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/CroppedImage8585-image4.jpg" src="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/SetWidth500-image4.jpg" caption=""/>
<img tn="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/CroppedImage8585-img05.jpg" src="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/SetHeight500-img05.jpg" caption=""/>

the second entry down in the xml tree

<img tn="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/CroppedImage8585-purpleflowers.flv" src="/assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/SetHeight500-purpleflowers.flv" caption="Hello video"/>

shows the file path to the flv video as assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/_resampled/CroppedImage8585-purpleflowers.flv
yet the flv gets uploaded only to assets/image-gallery/Photos/New-Photos/purpleflowers.flv so in order to get the flv to play you have to ftp in and copy the flv to the _resampled folder by hand and rename it to CroppedImage8585-purpleflowers.flv

does that make sense :o/

Re DataObjectManager, yes I've just checked that out after posting here - very slick UncleCheese, very slick - nice work and very handy indeed! Would those new video upload features inc the ffmpeg stuff work with the slideshow_pro mod as it stands? That would be slick.

I'd love to help you with this SSP mod in anyway I can - like I say I'm a Flash Designer and Actionscript man but if I can help in anyway feel free to drop me a line at adam ! clare aaattt vitalspark!ie (take out the necessary exclamation chars, white space and aatt or Skype me on vitalspark1

Nice one.