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17 September 2009 at 2:57am

Edited: 07/10/2009 2:35am

RockMapCSS: SlickMapCSS SilverStripe Module

Hi guys this is my very first good contribution to the silverstripe community :)

This module simplifies the task of make sitemaps up to 3 levels deep from silverstripe made websites using Matt Everson's SlickMapCSS. the sitemap is completely navigable so you can use as a reference for starting projects as well

The number of columns is automatically calculated, instead of meyer's reset I have used YUI reset-fonts-grids for reseting purposes
just copy the module in your root folder and do a dev/build.

navigate to yoururl/sitemap (if this is not working... you can create your own page from the create list)

you can see it live here:

i have fixed some issues, i will follow ingo's ideas when i have a little more time, because i need to learn how to do that.. please download the new version:

new in this version:

  • css issues on third level fixed
  • now the column count seems to work ok
  • auto creation of rockmap inside the sitetree if not exists

please note i cant delete the tar.gz file, so i have updated the new version inside a zip file.
the module is in the following subversion server:


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3 October 2009 at 10:53am

Such an awesome way to display a sitemap, great to see that being possible in SilverStripe without too much effort now :)

Some tips:
function NumberOfPagesAtRootLevel(){
return $this->SiteMap()->Count();
You might want to introduce caching the SiteMap() return value into a private property on the class, to avoid calling the whole thing twice ($NumberOfPageAtRootLevel and <% control SiteMap >). This will effectively double the rendering time, which can be quite significant on larger pages. On that note, you should probably add a disclaimer to the module README that its only suitable for SilverStripe installations with less than 100 pages, otherwise the memory usage will get quite excessive iwhtout further optimization.

You can also make the module more "pluggable" by using DataObjectDecorator instead of extending Page, in order to avoid forcing people into a certain inheritance tree.
And one last little hint: With Markdown instead of plaintext in your README file, you can apply richer formatting. We're planning to convert these files into HTML automatically on the page soon. See for an example :)


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7 October 2009 at 2:10am

Hi dospuntocero,
great idea for a module and it looks awsome.

tried to install it on two of my SS-powered sites and got the following error after copying the module and dev/build'ing:

[Warning] Can't find sitemap/0 in stage Stage
GET /kombus/dev/build?flush=1

Line 402 in /users/wartabudpl/www/

any idea what could cause this ?


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7 October 2009 at 2:37am

@qlex, i have updated the module a bit, i have found some errors, please upload using the zip in the first post or do a checkout using the svn server i have provided


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7 October 2009 at 2:41am

thanx a bunch, seems to correct my problem.

a question, how to add meta tag description to the elements of sitemap - maybe upon hover one could see the description (which i added in the CMS) - at least for main menu items ?



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13 October 2010 at 7:38am

i have made a new version for the module, now its a controller extension, you just need to call /sitemap and will work