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EventCalendar DateTime Pop-up problem

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19 November 2009 at 1:31am

I am building a new class Seminar (and SeminarDateTime) on the top of Calendar (and CalendarDateTime) and in SeminarDateTime I add few new fields in comparison with CalendarDateTime


class SeminarDateTime extends CalendarDateTime
        static $db = array (
                'Location' => 'Varchar(100)',
                'Title' => 'HTMLVarchar(200)',
                'Speaker' => 'Varchar(100)',
                'Institution' => 'Varchar(150)',
                'SpeakerWebsite' => 'Varchar(150)',
                'TalkWebsite' => 'Varchar(150)',
                'Abstract' => 'HTMLText',
                'TeXAbstract' => 'HTMLText'

        static $has_one = array (
                'Seminar' => 'Seminar'
 public function extendTable()
                        'Location' => 'Location','Title' => 'Title', 'Speaker' => 'Speaker', 'Institution' => 'Institution',  'SpeakerWebsite' => 'SpeakerWebsite', 'TalkWebsite' => 'TalkWebsite', 'Abstract' =>  'Abstract', 'TeXAbstract' => 'TeXAbstract'
                        new TextField('Location'), new TextField('Title'), new TextField('Speaker'), new TextField('Institution'), new TextField('SpeakerWebsite
'), new TextField('TalkWebsite'), new SimpleHTMLEditorField('Abstract'),  new TextareaField('texabstract','TeXAbstract',18, 3,'')

Everything works fine albeit Textareafield TeXAbstract is not saved! SimpleHTMLEditorField is saved, TextField is saved, but is Textareafield is not and I need TextareaField as SimpleHTMLEditorField inserts <pre> tag, TextField is inconvenient for large input

Thank you in advance



Forum Moderator, 4102 Posts

19 November 2009 at 3:49am

You're using the wrong name on your TextareaField.

texabstract instead of TeXAbstract

Also, if TeXAbstract is HTML, you probably want to use an HTML editor, not a Textarea.


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19 November 2009 at 5:12am

Edited: 20/11/2009 12:13am


Stupid me (used wrong case). Now it works

No, I want really TextareaField fow row code as it is math-TeX-input which passes trough jsMath. Example

(the whole thing is raw and uncooked but jsMath is hooked up)