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Support for multilingual content

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5 February 2008 at 10:12am

I just installed 2.2, and the translation feature seems to work (mostly) well.

2 little things I noticed:

* In the beginning (like, first 10 requests in the admin interface after creating a translation), I couldn't go back to English in the little drop-down at the lower-left corner, only French (my first translation language) was available. Now both are there and I can't reproduce the effect of only seeing the alternative language. That seems like a weird bug.

* The translation tool doesn't respect the Accept-Language. Switching with ?lang= works fine and sticks until it's reset again by the same means; but the first request is always served from the default language, not higher-priority languages set in the browser. I think the default until it's set with ?lang= should be according to the Accept-list of the user.

Thanks otherwise for the beautiful software, 2.2 seems much more polished and "production ready" in all regards than earlier releases. Great work!


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7 February 2008 at 9:15am

> I couldn't go back to English in the little drop-down at the lower-left corner
did you create your translated page by the translation-tab ("create" button), or by clicking on an untranslated page in the sitetree? did you still have the problem after a full page-refresh? trying to figure out if the dropdown was properly populating by ajax, or if the language wasn't actually saved on the serverside

> The translation tool doesn't respect the Accept-Language
interesting, didn't know about this header - i've added a ticket:


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7 February 2008 at 9:39am

Ingo - thanks for creating the ticket.

Regarding backtracking my steps, sorry but I don't remember. I would argue for the AJAX refresh being delayed though, as the translations were persisted correctly and were available shortly afterwards. I didn't try the immediate full reload at the time, though.


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7 February 2008 at 12:12pm

> I couldn't go back to English in the little drop-down at the lower-left corner

I encountered the same problem. When choosing English in the drop-down menu sometimes the site-tree does not refresh. Occasionally (can't figure out why) an Ajax error is occured when clicking "save&publish" the translation and the links in the site-tree stop to react. You have to refresh to go normal state. Though the content is saved and published properly.

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