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20 February 2008 at 6:50am

Oh good grief! You're supposed to check the stupid box?!?

I'm a silly silly girl. I thought those were to be checked when you wanted to edit it or something! I didn't even know you could disable links in that section!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I may write a tutorial on this, for the beginners like me. I'll most definitely credit you for everything!

Is there a way to put content in the column header of Section1 of the CMS ShortCutColumn page, so it says "Enable" over the column of checkboxes? I want to make sure it is clear, to my client and any of their co-workers, what the checkboxes are for.

Thanks again! I'll be shaking my head at myself for days. : )


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20 February 2008 at 12:22pm

Edited: 20/02/2008 12:24pm


This little checkbox is actually giving meaning to the fact that you are managing a many_many relation. Imagine you have more than one area on you web page with links you want to manage, but fed by the same links repository. You then share the list over a couple of pages in the cms (or a couple of section tabs, depends on the situation). This makes it possible to check that box for a few links in one 'column of links', check it for a few others in another 'column', you can even have overlap in this case. To _edit_ links, you use the button on the right side in the link its row. This is why I called it section1, because in my case I have more sections sharing the same list. (You can name this tab to whatever you want of course.)

I'm not sure you can set a title above this checkbox yourself. You can add a text field above the list in which you explain it though, if necessary...


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28 June 2008 at 8:09am


Seems this thread was never resolved. I followed SilverRay's instructions on this exactly and I still have no links showing up. I believe that the problem is this:
3. Create an include file (.ss file to use as an include in other .ss template files, goes in templates/Includes) to contain these links, in which you are going to use a control block for showing them. The control block would look something like this:

. . . . blah blah blah . . .

where url-of-your-shortcuts-page is the url of the page you made in the cms, based on the ShortCutColumn page type, in other words the page that you use to manage the list of links.

The problem is that we don't understand what "url-of-your-shortcuts-page" means. I created both ShortCutColumn.php and ShortCut.php and rebuilt the database. I created a page of type ShortCutColumn in the CMS, and added each of my links. By "url-of-your-shortcuts-page," do you mean the value in the feild under the Meta-data tab?? Because that is called "bottom-nav". However, if I use "<% control Page(bottom-nav) %>," absolutely nothing gets written to the page. I also tried "<% control Page(ShortCut) %> " and <% control Page(ShortCutColumn) %> to no avail.

What am I missing here?? How can I get this control to work?



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28 June 2008 at 1:41pm

Edited: 28/06/2008 1:42pm

Well, I believe areikiera managed to solve her problem, so this thread was resolved... ;)

As for your problem: with "url-of-your-shortcuts-page" I mean the value of the url field under the meta-data tab indeed, as in the url of the page of type "ShortCutColumn.php" you made to manage the list of urls in the CMS.

Sorry to hear you encountered a problem. It really works, and if you followed the instructions to the letter and it doesn't work, I would say that you made a typo somewhere, perhaps?


Edit: spelling.

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