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mod_rewrite experience

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24 May 2008 at 9:10pm

Edited: 24/05/2008 9:27pm

I had a mod_rewrite problem with my ss-web-site that resides on a shared Apache-host.

When installing SS in a subfolder like /<my-website>/silverstripe/ SS did not work at all.

When installing SS without subfolder like /<my-website>/ SS did work more or less for short URLs like http://<my-website>/admin.

With long URLs that use many /Parameters/ like an Ajax-Request that loads the Image-Uploading-Form into a StaffPage-Image-Tag of the CMS, I got JS-errors and the Page-Not-Found-Page was loaded in place of the requested form.

By comparing this with a properly working SS-installation on a Wampserver I found that it had to do with the way that Apache (Php?) delivers some $_SERVER-fields that SS evaluates on every request (both installations in subfolder /silverstripe). Rewrite takes place in both installations but:

With Windows-Wamp-Apache-Server:
  $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"]      shows the rewritten URL /silverstripe/sapphire/main.php
  $_SERVER["ORIG_SCRIPT_NAME"] is not set
  In main.php the $baseURL is calulated to:  /silverstripe  which is correct
With shared Apache-Host:
  $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"]      shows /silverstripe/admin (not rewritten)
  $_SERVER["ORIG_SCRIPT_NAME"] shows the rewritten URL /silverstripe/sapphire/main.php
  In main.php the $baseURL is calulated to:  /  which is NOT correct
  The following line in main.php fails to return the proper $baseURL
  // Get the request URL
  $baseURL = dirname(dirname($_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"]));

Now it works perfectly after inserting a bit of code
before the $baseURL-calculation line in sapphire/main.php
but I do not know wheter this is correct in every case.

  if (isset($_SERVER["ORIG_SCRIPT_NAME"])) {
  // Get the request URL
  $baseURL = dirname(dirname($_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"]));

May be this can help