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Subtheme Colors

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15 June 2008 at 6:14pm

Hey Richard, And Welcome :)

Glad you like SS so far!. If you want to make a different color scheme you cant make a 'Subtheme' as such - they are designed for modules. But you could copy/paste the /themes/blackcandy folder to /themes/orangecandy or something :P. And then you would just need to change the site theme from blackcandy to orangecandy by opening the /mysite/_config.php file and editing the SSViewer::set_theme('orangecandy').

Once you have edited that your site will be using your own 'theme' so you can go ahead and tweak all the images, css etc under the /themes/orangecandy folder.

You can see some nice BC tweaks in the Site Showcase - this one was done by a GHOP Student and changed to a greeny teal -


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15 June 2008 at 6:42pm

Themes designers Im guessing! The lazy bunch... :P. Has SS really got no liquid themes? well theres a job for someone. For alternative color schemes I think you can just make another theme for now and submit it as a separate theme as thats how it will have to be run and the theme uploader would need to be tweaked to support multithemes etc.

Or unless you provide several colors inside a theme. Have something like html id="BlueTheme" and have support in your css to dynamically change the colors based on the ID on html

#Header { normal }
#BlueTheme { blue header!}
#RedTheme { red header!}
etc etc


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15 June 2008 at 11:28pm

Edited: 15/06/2008 11:29pm

Drupal's Default theme 'Garland' does this ( It would be a good starting point for any hard core theme designer. It actually has a color picker to change core elements to any color on the websafe palette. I always run into sites using this theme, always in different shades.

However, I think such a theme would require a coder too. Drupal has a configuration system in the admin for any theme, so something like this would have to be integrated into the CMS for it to be truly usable for everyone. To my knowledge, only Garland has this level of configuration. All other Drupal themes are static, with customisation working the same way Will describes.

How would we go porting the theme license-wise? I think Wordpress has already ported Garland some time ago. Both are GPL.


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18 June 2008 at 10:07pm

Porting Garland wouldn't be a wise choice IMO. The guys from wordpress were strongly criticised about it and Drupal was extremely unhappy to see their own theme ported to wp.

I would rather advise to develop a similiar theme ourselves (^.^)


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19 June 2008 at 6:29am

Hmm... am I missing something? Creating some stuff like this requires specifying a few page types, it's not about the theme?!