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Strange intermittant problem

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21 July 2008 at 4:18pm

Hi there - hopefully someone can help or at least put me on the right path with this -

I am running the latest version of SS, and am getting this problem intermittantly - on full page requests, and ajax calls, where the output is the following:

''Security', 'db/$Action' => 'DatabaseAdmin', '$Controller/$Action/$ID/$OtherID' => '*', 'images/$Action/$Class/$ID/$Field' => 'Image_Uploader', '' => 'RootURLController', 'sitemap.xml' => 'GoogleSitemap', )); Director::addRules(1, array( '$URLSegment/$Action/$ID/$OtherID' => 'ModelAsController', )); // Load error handlers Debug::loadErrorHandlers(); // Connect to database require_once("core/model/DB.php"); if(isset($_GET['debug_profile'])) Profiler::mark('DB::connect'); DB::connect($databaseConfig); if(isset($_GET['debug_profile'])) Profiler::unmark('DB::connect'); // Get the request URL $baseURL = dirname(dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'])); if(substr($url,0,strlen($baseURL)) == $baseURL) $url = substr($url,strlen($baseURL)); // Direct away - this is the "main" function, that hands control to the appropriate controller if(isset($_GET['debug_profile'])) Profiler::unmark('main.php init'); Director::direct($url); if(isset($_GET['debug_profile'])) { Profiler::unmark('all_execution'); Profiler::show(isset($_GET['profile_trace'])); } ?>'

Which seems to be straight out of main.php, from line 20 onwards (or thereabout).

Has anyone seen this type of issue before?




Community Member, 46 Posts

23 July 2008 at 12:35pm

Actually, it's more like line 125...

Anyone seen this before? Could it be session related, seeing as it works fine for a time then everyso often I will get this error?