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Find parents of nested menu items

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28 August 2008 at 3:52am

Edited: 28/08/2008 3:55am

If this is the menu tree I have in the cms...


..-> pictures
..-> -> gallery1
..-> -> gallery2
..-> videos
..-> -> gallery1

When I'm in gallery1, I obviously want my breadcrumbs to read " home > browse > pictures > gallery1 " but I feel it's not setup to do that based on the friendly-url design :-\ .

But my question is.. My main nav reads "Home - Browse - ... etc" .. When I'm in the "Browse" section, the nav highlights to let you know where you are. But, when I go deeper into that section, it doesn't realize it's in Browse anymore.

Is there a built in way to determine the furthest parent of a nested item? I need it to realize that gallery1 is a grandchild of "Browse". And also a direct child of "Pictures" would be nice too.


And if you have a solution to the breadcrumbs above, I'm all ears. I could use the DataObject::get but I don't know if I wanna run a separate query on every page-load if it's already happening somewhere.


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28 August 2008 at 4:27am

Go to

The 'Links and Class' paragraph should help you...


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28 August 2008 at 8:21am

Edited: 28/08/2008 8:24am

no that doesn't really help

EDIT: Actually, I jumped the gun. The <% if InSection(recipes) %> works. I was using it improperly at first.