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So how does a new user register?

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9 June 2007 at 2:09am

I installed SS last night on my "big iron" at home, running Ubuntu 7.04, Apache2, PHP5. Installation went well as far as I can tell. I was able to login as the admin user and poke around the system. I didn't change anything, but I did manage to have a good browse. So far so good.

I thought to myself, "Let's create another user." So I logged out (the location of the logout function was a little less than obvious, but I found it) and found myself back at http://localhost/silverstripe/Security/login which was prompting me to enter my e-mail and password. Curiously, the page has the "Published Site" markup at the top of the screen. I wouldn't have thought that would be visible to anyone other than someone who was logged into the system. Also the "View page in: CMS/Draft Site/Published Site" was still visible in the bottom-left corner.

But those quirks aren't why I'm posting today.

So looking at his login screen, I see nothing which suggests being able to register a new user. I browsed the "Help" which wasn't terribly helpful in this regard. Lots on security, creating new groups and such, but not a whole lot regarding registering a new user. Unless somehow the word 'register' isn't being used, because that's the word I searched on. (I also tried 'login' but that brought me full circle back to the intro "now that you've created the admin login" lesson.)

So how does one create a new user? Taking a browse through here:;listingId=dXHT2t8-6VVEswrL_sKwRA

I managed to see references to tip-offs such as 'captcha' and 'email verification'. But for the life of me, I'm not seeing anything remotely suggesting that in my installation. I basically have two choices: Login as the original admin, or don't.

Just for giggles, I changed the URL to this: http://localhost/silverstripe/

I found myself at the "Welcome to SilverStripe! This is the default homepage. You can edit this page by opening the CMS." page. Still curiously with the red "Published Site" markup at the top, still with the "View page in: CMS/Draft Site/Published Site" in the bottom-left corner. And before anyone suggests that I delete my cookies, I'll say that this is what I'm seeing AFTER deleting my cookies. And for what it's worth, I'm not seeing anything worth noting in the Apache2's error.log (or access.log).

So what have I overlooked? Is there some obscure "allow other users to register" checkbox buried somewhere that I haven't seen yet? Or is my install horked, requiring a reinstall-from-scratch?



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9 June 2007 at 10:42am

to create a new user all you have to do is login to the admin section go to the Security Tab and fill out the empty input boxs below Admin with username, password for the new user and click add.

"Still curiously with the red "Published Site" markup at the top, still with the "View page in: CMS/Draft Site/Published Site" in the bottom-left corner"

This is called the SilverStripeNavigator. You can remove this from your site by opening and removing $SilverStripeNavigator. Save it, Do a ?flush=1 and it should be gone.


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9 June 2007 at 11:11am

Ah. So there is in fact no way for a new user to visit a SilverStripe site for the first time and create their own login, eh? Meaning, all that bla-bla over on regarding captchas and email verification has in fact nothing to do with SilverStripe, that someone managed to misrepresent SilverStripe, it seems.

In other words, the only way for new users to register is for someone to contact the admin (via e-mail, phone or carrier pigeon) and ask to be added?


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9 June 2007 at 11:47am

What are you using the user accounts for? If it is for CMS access, then yes, for security, you need to create the account in the CMS itself. If you instead want user accounts for other parts of your site, you will need to extend the Member class and create your own registration page. An example of this can be found in the forum module, which you can download from the dailybuilds (


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9 June 2007 at 3:56pm

Maybe it would be easier for me to use an example from Drupal.

With Drupal, a user can register themselves, and can do certain limited things by default (as defined by the admin). Those things could include: creating new posts in the forum, editing their own posts in the forum, creating new nodes in a book, creating a new book, etc.

So in the extreme case of Drupal, a user could register themselves but they still wouldn't be able to do much of anything. (At the opposite extreme, a Drupal admin could give away the keys to the kingdom, either to registered users or unregistered users. But that aspect is still separate from registration.) But this functionality is there "out of the box" even before installing any other modules.

In the case of SilverStripe, the admin gets to do everything solo, or "drop me a line at my e-mail address if you'd like to help out and I'll add you". Just seems like an awkward approach, unless you're not really anticipating much of an influx of people interested in collaborating. Even a simple wiki such as dokuwiki can be set up for registration via e-mail verification with a simple config change.

I must be missing the point somewhere.


Forum Moderator, 5523 Posts

9 June 2007 at 9:27pm

As Andy has said - If you instead want user accounts for other parts of your site eg to write forum posts you will need to extend the Member class with your custom class eg ForumMember.. Like he said download the forum module and have a poke around the source code to see how the guys have done it and use that as an example. Also you might want to read up about the member class and permissions


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10 June 2007 at 2:21pm

Alright, I'll give that a spin.

So... surely this must be a popular feature. Any reason why it's not baked into the base functionality? Or at least have it documented in the base docco (pointing to the appropriate location)?

Or is this sort of feature request somewhat unusual?


Administrator, 690 Posts

10 June 2007 at 3:57pm

Yeah, it's pretty unusal. We mostly use SilverStripe for company websites where the set of authors is a tightly controlled group.

One of the things we hate about other systems is that you get that kind of feature out of the box and need to turn it off for every site you build. :-P

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