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What's the correct way to publish a view after a form post.

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1 November 2008 at 3:42am


I'm wondering what the correct method ist to publish a different view after a form post. My use case: I want to filter a view via a form. I currently have this code:

        function FilterForm() {


		$actions = new FieldSet( 
			new FormAction( "filter", _t('UserDefinedForm.FILTER', 'Filtern') )


                return new Form( $this, "FilterForm", $fields, $actions );

	function filter($data, $form) {
		$ids = $this->someComplicatedFiltering($data);
		$_GET["ids"] = $ids;
		return Director::direct($this->data()->URLSegment."//select");

        function select() {
               return array("FilteredIds" => $_GET["ids"]);

It works, but I don't think it's nice because the Director starts from the very beginning.

I tried to make this work:


 $controller = new ModelAsController();
 $request = new HTTPRequest("GET", $this->data()->URLSegment.'//preview', $request->getVars(), $request->postVars());

 $result = $controller->handleRequest($request);
 return $result->getBody();

But this didn't work, it always showed me the default view of the object. I traced this to a code segment, where the request url (object_urlsegment/view) is "pushed" so it's object_urlsegment/object_urlsegment/view (I don't understand the use case of that).

So finally my question: What is the correct method to do this? There are two versions of this use case: Fetch a different view of the current object or fetch a view of a different object.

Thanks for your clarification,